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Apple iPad 10th gen – full review & Features

01 1 » Apple iPad 10th gen - full review & Features
Apple iPad 10th gen - full review & Features » Apple iPad 10th gen

New iPads this, of course, is the new entry-level 10th gen the first time I tried to record it. I was sweating right off my hangover hopefully this is a little better we’re going to mix the footage with me with their content, and you guys are going to see what this basically looks like So the new iPad has four different colors we have the yellow here it also comes in pink and blue as well as the classic silver and the price has also increased.

Unboxing iPad 10th Gen

so The older 9th gen iPad that was 329 was serious value, but now the new iPads are $449 so obviously a little extra hundred dollars and you still have to get additional accessories, you’ll see that’s still I’ll use an apple pencil from First generation but it has a completely new redesign as you can see on the box.
so I’m going to do it on camera without second angles like

02 » Apple iPad 10th gen - full review & Features
Apple iPad 10th gen - full review & Features » Apple iPad 10th gen

I said just bear with me second unboxing so technically the plastic’s off you can get a little sneak peek of the color we’ll go quickly through what’s inside of the box as this is an unboxing so we just have user manuals warranty info, unfortunately, no matching Apple stickers to match the color of the iPad we just have these standard ones in of course white

it also comes with a 20 watt charging brick and for the first time on the entry-level iPad we are switching to a USBC charging port so this is just a braided USBC cable it’s nice that it’s braided and other than that is pretty much your unboxing Apple stuff is always some of the simplest so we’ll put this off to the side so I mentioned USBC on the bottom

so that’s obviously a brand new redesign think of this as an iPad Air that sort of body except of course entry level so when you look around you still have the touch ID button up top volume rockers of course some of the speakers and depending on which colorway that you get so I was joking around that this is almost a bit on the lime green side it’s uh you know obviously yellow but shifts towards a hint of green I think it’s nice

04 » Apple iPad 10th gen - full review & Features
Apple iPad 10th gen - full review & Features » Apple iPad 10th gen

Technical and technical details Apple iPad 10th

I think I would personally go for maybe the blue one then the yellow then maybe the silver and then pink comes in Lost that’s just obviously my personal preference if you are eyeing one of the new iPads which colorway would you get I think a lot of people will like the yellow one since I’m in 30 degree weather

now in a lot of sunshine this makes a ton of sense there’s actually this small little accessory that fell out of the box because technically technically this uses the first gen apple pencil which I have and the thing that you know with that that still charges with lightning so you have this strange little adapter that you have to grab it’s 10 extra bucks and you just need to simply

put the lightning ports of the pencil on one end then your cable will attach to the back of that little dongle or that adapter and then this will go into the back of the iPad so if this isn’t the weirdest way to charge an iPad I really don’t know what else is this is aa strange thing to behold but Apple I think is very guilty of having some strange charging things like you know the Magic Mouse

with that weird lightning port on the bottom so add this to the list and when you look around the rest of the iPad of course we have a brand new sensor or the same sensors of other iPads now getting updated to the entry-level so this is a 12-megapixel shooter and when you flip to the front you can see that the bezels have finally been updated

I gave the OG iPad the biggest amount of flat for still having a large forehead for still having you know a large chin with of Of course Touch ID so we are moving away from that style of iPad and it’s interesting that Apple still sells that on their website obviously you have that price difference but I can see apples start to discontinue that line or that body in the next you know one to two years

and this will just be the cheapest iPad you know at that certain point so 400 and 50 that’s for 64 gigs or 5.99 Canadian and since we’re in Spain I should technically know the Euro pricing but I don’t I will try uh to look that up somewhere online so if anyone is in Spain or Europe let me know how much the base model is remember that 64 gigs

and when we go to the iPad Pro which we’ll check out in a second that bumps up to 128 gigs for the overall display it is 10.9 inches its liquid retina has true tone and gets up to 500 nits of brightness of course it doesn’t have that uh promotion or that 120 hertz you are still stuck at 60 but for basic iPad usage this is definitely more than enough for me it’s a welcome upgrade unfortunately um it has that price increase

or that 120 hertz you are still stuck at 60 but for basic iPad usage this is definitely more than enough for me it’s a welcome upgrade, but unfortunately, um it has that price increase I would have been super impressed if Apple got this level of an iPad in the 9th gen’s uh body style price range that would have been unreal probably

the best iPad or the best value to buy but this really wasn’t too unexpected you also have a front-facing camera this is the one in landscape mode and this will be the main camera that you use for things like FaceTime or that person that takes perhaps the occasional selfie with your iPad so is this worth it from the 9th gen in term of the body style this will be the way moving forward

I am sure we will see the next-gen entry-level iPad get rid of support for the first gen apple pencil I think this thing will make its way to the apple pencil gen 2.

I think that the charging mechanism is you know one of the weirdest things that uh I’ve seen and I’m sure a lot of people online will kind of mention that unfortunately with the price now because this is 450 when you start to add on the accessories so a hundred dollars for the apple pencil if you buy smart folio case another hundred dollars you’re looking at 600, 650 dollars

for a fully usable iPad and you still are stuck using iPad OS obviously not as versatile as Mac OS but the price starts to creep up oh thank you, Siri, tells me that I have to be online I will connect to my European Wi-Fi this was just your very first look I’ll be using this over the next week while I actually stick around in Europe I’ve got a couple of trips on the horizon
so I will be traveling if you have any questions about the full review let me know Down Below in the comments.

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