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Infinix Note Pro Series 2024: My Review after use

As the sun set, the Infinix Note Pro series caught my eye with its stylish design. It measures 6.47 x 2.93 x 0.32 inches, fitting smoothly into my life. Its IP53 rating means it can handle a bit of dust and water, making it perfect for everyday use.

Turning it on, the AMOLED display stunned me with its colors. The 1080 x 2436 resolution and 6.78-inch size made everything look great. Plus, the 120Hz refresh rate made moving through screens silky smooth. His brightness of 1300 nits means I can see the screen clearly, even in the sunlight, perfect for my busy days.

The Infinix Note Pro surprised me with its MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipset. It also comes with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, making it a multitasking champion. Apps run smoothly, videos play without lag, and games are a breeze to enjoy.

Create an image of the Infinix Note Pro Series featuring a sleek and modern design with a large vibrant display. Emphasize the device’s powerful performance and smooth user experience. Show it in action with multiple windows open for multitasking capabilities. Add subtle touches of luxury with metallic accents and intricate detailing.

The camera setup is also awesome, featuring a 108MP main camera for sharp shots. It also has 2MP sensors for close-up and portrait shots. While not the best in the world, it takes beautiful pictures in most lighting conditions. Videos come in clear too, with support for 2K resolution at 30 frames per second. This adds to a fantastic media-viewing experience.

The battery life is a big win for the Note Pro series. It holds 4600mAh and charges fast with both wired and wireless options. This keeps me going all day, with energy left for the evening. The XOS software, based on Android 14, also makes using the phone a joy, with smart features that help me out throughout the day.

Key Takeaways

  • Sleek and stylish design with IP53 rating for dust and water resistance
  • Vibrant AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and 1300 nits peak brightness
  • Powerful performance with MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipset, 12GB RAM, and 256GB storage
  • Capable 108MP main camera with 2K video recording support
  • Long-lasting 4600mAh battery with 100W wired and 20W wireless charging

At the end, the Infinix Note Pro series stands out as a top choice in its range. It offers great style, performance, and battery endurance. While it’s not leading in every aspect, it’s a solid option for anyone wanting a powerful and budget-friendly smartphone.

Infinix Note Pro Series: An Overview

The Infinix Note Pro series comes with a slim and chic design. It has a vegan leather back that not only looks good but also feels premium. This phone is light but feels solid, giving a top-notch experience in your hand.

Infinix Note Pro Series: An Overview
Infinix Note Pro Series: An Overview

Impressive Display Quality

These phones also boast an impressive display. They have AMOLED screens that show off vibrant colors and deep blacks. They can even handle refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

And let’s not forget about the battery. With sizes up to 5,000mAh and support for quick 100W charging, these phones can keep up with your busy day for a long, long time.

Infinix Note 10 Pro stands out for its 5000 mAh battery. This is much bigger than the usual 3965.19 mAh you find in many phones. With a pixel density of 387 ppi, it beats the average of 359.39 ppi.

SpecificationInfinix Note 10 ProAverage
Battery Capacity5000 mAh3965.19 mAh
Pixel Density387 ppi359.39 ppi
Resolution1080 x 2460 px2.03MP
Main Camera Megapixels64MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP42.14MP
CPU Speed2 x 2.05 GHz, 6 x 2 GHz13.57 GHz
Front Camera Megapixels16MP12.25MP
Overall Rating9.0/10N/A
Internal Storage128GBN/A
AnTuTu Benchmark320000N/A
Video Recording2160 x 30 fpsN/A

The Infinix Note 10 Pro also comes with 8GB of RAM, which is more than the average 5.53GB. Its main camera has a 64MP main camera, and 8MP plus two 2MP secondary cameras, topping the usual 42.14MP.

Its awesome specs and an overall rating of 9.0/10 make the Infinix Note 10 Pro a top choice.

infinix note pro series: Performance and Specs

The Infinix Note Pro series runs on powerful MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipsets. These make tasks, multitasking, and gaming smooth and responsive. Users can pick from various RAM and storage options. This lets them choose what fits their needs best. With strong hardware and plenty of memory, the user experience is seamless.

Powerful Chipsets for Smooth Operation

The series uses MediaTek Dimensity 7020 processors for great overall performance. These processors have a 6nm design, excellent connectivity, and save power. The chipset handles gaming and multitasking effortlessly. This guarantees a good experience without any lag.

Ample RAM and Storage Options

There are many RAM and storage setups to choose from in the Infinix Note Pro series. Up to 16GB of RAM can boost system performance. It speeds up app launches and improves how quickly your phone starts up. Plus, there is a lot of storage available. It’s perfect for anyone who uses a lot of media or just needs space for daily tasks.

This series is designed for various tasks, from work to games. Thanks to its strong chipsets, lots of RAM, and big storage, it runs well.

infinix note pro series performance
infinix note pro series performance

Create an image showcasing the powerful performance of the Infinix Note Pro Series. Show the device in action, with multiple apps and programs running smoothly. Use vibrant colors and dynamic imagery to convey speed and efficiency.

Camera Capabilities of the Infinix Note Pro Series

The Infinix Note Pro series has a top-notch main camera, boasting 108MP. It’s not the absolute best in image quality, but it can snap detailed and lively pictures, especially in good light. You’ll also find a macro and depth sensor for better close-ups and depth effects. These phones can also record videos up to 2K at 30fps, adding a high-quality video option.

High-Resolution Main Camera

The Note Pro series shines with its 108MP camera, perfect for bright scenes. This sensor lets you take stunning photos that are clear and sharp.

Macro and Depth Sensors

Besides the impressive main camera, the series includes macro and depth sensors. With these, you can snap detailed close-ups and achieve beautiful bokeh in your photos.

Video Recording Features

For video lovers, the Note Pro series doesn’t disappoint, offering 2K video at 30fps. This means you can record your memories with remarkable quality, perfect for various uses.

infinix note pro series camera
infinix note pro series camera

Capture a stunning low-light photo using the Infinix Note Pro Series’ dual-LED flash and advanced AI technology. Show off the camera’s ability to capture vibrant colors and crisp details even in dimly-lit environments.

Software and User Experience

The Infinix Note Pro series comes with a special Android skin called XOS. It makes the phone easy to use and adds cool features. Even though it might not be as smooth as others, you get to use AI helpers and tools that make your time better. Plus, it has a Folax AI assistant. Just press and hold the power button to talk to it. It’s a neat way to do stuff on your phone fast.

XOS: Infinix’s Custom Android Skin

XOS by Infinix makes your phone’s software unique. It’s made for people who love to personalize their phones. It has AI helpers too. Even though it’s not like the big brand names, it still gives a great user experience.

AI Assistants and Unique Features

The Infinix Note Pro series has its own Folax AI assistant. You can start it by holding the power button. This means that [infinix note pro series price], [infinix note 30 pro], [infinix note 40 pro], [infinix note 10 pro], and others can easily use AI to do many things on their phones. It makes tasks smoother and quicker.

Pricing and Value for Money

The Infinix Note Pro series sits in the middle, price-wise. It’s made for a big part of the market. The Infinix Note 40 Pro+ sells for about USD 309 (approx. Rs. 25,620). The Infinix Note 40 Pro starts at Rs 21,999 for the 8GB RAM + 256GB storage version. The 12GB RAM + 256GB storage version of the Pro+ is Rs 24,999. You can cut Rs 2,000 off with HDFC Bank and SBI credit cards. This drops the starting price of the Note 40 Pro to Rs 19,999.

The Infinix Note Pro series doesn’t aim to outdo top-tier phones in every way. Yet, it’s a strong pick for those who want great value. You get a fancy design, a great screen, a battery that lasts long, and solid speed. This makes the series quite attractive for its price.

The Infinix Note 40 Pro+ stands out for its 100W fast charging. Infinix says it can hit 50% in just 12 minutes. Meanwhile, the Note 40 Pro has a bigger 5000mAh battery. The Pro+ has a 4600mAh. Both models charge wirelessly at 20W, have a screen fingerprint scanner, a great audio system, an IR sensor, and are splash-proof.

In all, the Infinix Note Pro range is about excellent balance. This is ideal for folks shopping in the mid-range who want good value.

Comparison with Competitors

The Infinix Note Pro series is different from brands like Xiaomi and Poco. Xiaomi and Poco focus on high-end performance and camera tech. In contrast, Infinix Note Pro phones aim to balance features and value. While they might not match the top-tier phones from Xiaomi and Poco, they offer a great alternative. This is for people who want a full smartphone experience at a lower cost.

Infinix vs Xiaomi

The Infinix Note Pro series is known for its good prices and rich features. For example, the NOTE 40 Pro costs PKR 69,999. It includes 20W Wireless MagCharge, a powerful MediaTek processor, and a large, high-quality screen. It also boasts a 108MP camera. In contrast, the Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 13 Pro is priced at PKR 74,999. It features a similar processor and a big, high-quality display. Yet, Infinix offers a better overall value, with competitive features at a more affordable price.

Infinix vs Poco

Comparing with Poco, Infinix Note Pro series presents its own solid value. The NOTE 40 Pro, priced from PKR 54,999, comes with cool tech like MagCharge. It has a powerful processor and room for a lot of RAM. On the other hand, Samsung’s A34 (5G) costs PKR 114,999. It has a great display and decent memory. Even though Poco is strong on performance, Infinix Note Pro is a better choice for budget-focused consumers. It strikes a balance with its impressive features and affordability.

Pros and Cons of the Infinix Note Pro Series

2 » Infinix Note Pro Series 2024: My Review after use


The Infinix Note Pro series stands out with its sleek design. It has a vegan leather back that feels great in the hand. The series shines with its AMOLED displays. They show vibrant colors and deep blacks. Plus, they support refresh rates up to 120Hz. You also get strong battery life, up to 5,000mAh, and fast charging up to 100W. This means you can use your phone for a long time without worries. It features MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipsets. These ensure smooth performance, whether you’re doing everyday tasks or gaming.


Despite its strengths, the Infinix Note Pro series has a few weaknesses. Its 108MP main camera doesn’t always offer the best picture quality, especially in low light. The software is easy to use, but it might seem a little old when compared to other brands. Some users might find its size and weight, at 164.3 x 74.5 x 8.1 mm and 190g, a bit much. They might prefer something lighter and smaller.

In conclusion, the Infinix Note Pro series is a solid choice for many. It offers good features and performance for its price. While it might not be the top choice in every category, its all-around experience is appealing to a broad audience.


The Infinix Note Pro series brings an exciting smartphone experience to many. It has a cool design and a big 6.78-inch screen. The screen refreshes fast at 120Hz and gets really bright at 1300 nits. Plus, it has a large battery that lasts long and charges quickly.

Though its camera isn’t top-tier, with a 108MP main camera and more, the phone offers a lot. It’s great for those looking for a reliable smartphone that doesn’t cost too much.

The Infinix Note Pro runs on a strong Intel Dimensity 7020 chip. It also has plenty of RAM and storage, up to 12GB and 256GB. This ensures smooth usage without any lag.

Its special XOS software with an advanced AI assistant adds to the experience. It’s not the best when compared to others, but it still does a good job.

Ultimately, the Infinix Note Pro series fits well in the mid-range phone market. It stands out with its style, performance, and price. This makes it a great choice for many users looking for a balanced smartphone experience.


Which series of Infinix is the best?

The Infinix Note Pro series is top-notch. It brings a cool design, a great display, long battery life, and strong performance.

How old is the Infinix Note 10 Pro?

The Infinix Note 10 Pro came out in 2021. There are even newer models like the Infinix Note 30 Pro and Infinix Note 40 Pro.

Which is the latest Infinix Note?

The most recent in the Infinix Note Pro series are the Infinix Note 30 Pro and Infinix Note 40 Pro. They hit the markets in 2022 and 2023.

Is the Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G or not?

There’s a 4G and 5G Infinix Note 12 Pro. This lets users pick what’s best for their network needs.

What is the price of the Infinix Note Pro series?

The Infinix Note Pro series fits the mid-range bill. Its cost suits many consumers. Prices can change by place and model.

What are the features of the Infinix Note 30 Pro, Infinix Note 40 Pro, Infinix Note 10 Pro, and Infinix Hot 40 Pro?

The Infinix Note Pro line boasts cool designs, great AMOLED screens, lasting batteries, strong power, and good cameras. Each model in the series may vary a bit.

What is the price of the Infinix Note 40 Pro in Pakistan?

The Infinix Note 40 Pro’s cost in Pakistan might differ. But it usually offers a lot for its price, making it a mid-range gem.

Is the Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G?

Yep, the Infinix Note 40 Pro has a 5G option. This gives users faster network speeds and better connectivity.

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