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How To Learn Django From Beginning To Advanced

Django 3: Python Backend Web Development

In this Django 3 course, we provide everything you need to know and learn to build a website using Python, Django, and many other web technologies! We welcome you to a translated course for learning Python and Django backend development for beginners!

We’ll teach you the latest techniques for creating great web applications using Python 3.8.3 and Django 3! But not only do we know that we also know how you can create three different Django projects from Scratch. This course can be your one-stop reference for everything you need! It will serve as a useful reference for many of your questions as you begin your journey to becoming a web developer!

Whether you want to change career paths, expand your existing skill set, start your own business, become a consultant, or just want to learn, this is the course for you!

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How To Learn Django From Beginning To Advanced » Learn Django

?What is the Django C programming language

Django (pronounced JANG-goh) is a free and open-source web application software platform written in the Python programming language. It was originally developed to manage news websites operated by The World Company and was released to the public in July 2005 under a BSD license. In June 2008, he announced the creation of the Django Software Foundation, which will take over the development of Django in the future. Django’s main goal is to make it easier to create complex database-driven websites. Some well-known sites that use Django include PBS, Instagram, the Mozilla Foundation, The Washington Times, Diskas, Pete Bucket, and Nextdoor. and Pinterest, which moved to use Flask.

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How To Learn Django From Beginning To Advanced » Learn Django

A comprehensive description of Django 3 – Python Backend Web Development

Django 3 – Python Backend Web Development For Beginner is a comprehensive, project-oriented course for web backend development using the Python language and Django 3 framework. This course provides you with everything you need to create functional web applications using Python and Django and requires no prior programming experience. Whether it’s those looking to change their careers, those looking to expand their existing skills or those just looking to learn, this course is for everyone. In this course, you will learn about the latest and most modern technologies for creating web applications using Python 3.8.3 and Django 3.

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How To Learn Django From Beginning To Advanced » Learn Django

One of the important features of this course is its project-oriented nature. The training in this course is not summarized in terms of topics only, during which, you will also complete 3 hands-on projects to build a web application. In this course, you will first learn how to install Python and Django and learn the basics of Django, then you will create a dynamic website using HTML templates. Below, you’ll learn about CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) using MySql as well as user authentication in Django, and finally, you’ll build 3 practical web applications from scratch. These three projects involve developing a blog, social media, and online store using Django. Django Prototypes, Prototypes, and Templates are also among the other topics in this course.

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How To Learn Django From Beginning To Advanced » Learn Django

What you will learn in the Django 3 – Python Backend Web Development course from beginner to professional

Set up and install Python

  • Django setup and installation
  • Create a dynamic website
  • Learn Django Views, URLs, and Templates
  • Project and application creation
  • Django Models
  • Django forms
  • Template and inheritance filter
  • CRUD using MySql
  • User authentication
  • Show on a chapter basis
  • Developing a blog project with Django
  • Develop a social media project with Django
  • Develop an e-commerce project with Django
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How To Learn Django From Beginning To Advanced » Learn Django

Details about the course Django 3 – Python Backend Web Development

  • English language
  • Subtitle files: Srt in English and Arabic
  • Duration: 40 hours and 33 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 182 lessons
  • Full course size: 18 GB
  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Coach: Kazi Aryan
  • File Format: mp4

Preview of the training course translated into Arabic

Requirements for starting the course Django 3 – Python Backend Web Development

  • A computer with internet access and download privileges
  • No previous programming experience is required
  • Access to a personal computer or equivalent system
  • Internet access to download the necessary software

Download links Django 3 – Python Backend Web Development training course

Since the size of the course exceeded 18 GB, the course has been uploaded to a complete DRIVE. You can download a lesson by lesson, and it has also been divided into ten 6 sections of 3 GB for each section. You can download them from direct links. After downloading the ten parts 10, you only have to decompress them with the WinRAR program WinRAR, if you have benefited from this post, I invite you to subscribe via email to receive all new updates in the exclusive and free translated courses, as well as share it to benefit.



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