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10 Secret Websites to Make Money Online Fast

Ever thought about why so many are moving from traditional jobs to online ways to make money? The digital world is changing how we work. It offers many make money online opportunities. Just a device and internet connection are all you need to start.

There’s a lot you can do online to earn, from transcribing to testing apps. You can also make money passively or by completing digital tasks. These earn money online websites pay from $100 to $1000 for different jobs. They let you move away from the usual work hours and into the gig economy. The internet is full of secret websites to make money. They offer both part-time and full-time job chances.

For example, did you know you can earn $10 a day on Neighbor by renting out your extra space? Wonder pays $8 to $16 for each question you answer, taking about an hour. The earnings from such activities can add up, providing you with a good income over time.

Key Takeaways

  • Numerous online platforms offer diverse make money online opportunities
  • Earn approximately $10 per day by leasing out unused storage space on Neighbor
  • Complete research tasks on Wonder for $8 to $16 per submission
  • Wrapify and other services can help you earn up to $300 per month through vehicle advertising
  • CafePress allows you to design and sell customized merchandise online
  • Explore secret websites to make money performing various straightforward online tasks

GoTranscript: Earn as a Transcriptionist

GoTranscript is a top choice for making money online through transcription. It welcomes both newbies and experts, making entry easy. Work involves transcribing audio or video files effortlessly. Earnings can reach up to $1000 a month, depending on how much work is done, thanks to a high pay rate of up to $0.60 per audio minute.

How to Get Started

Starting on GoTranscript is simple. Just sign up, take a short test, and start choosing tasks that fit your skills and time. This ease of entry makes GoTranscript a standout option, particularly for those starting to work from home.

Payment and Benefits

On GoTranscript, pay is clear and comes every week through PayPal. The high pay rate and the platform’s focus on timely and fair pay mean workers are generally happier. Plus, both the transcriptionists and the clients find the pricing fair, making it a win for everyone.

PlatformPay Rate (per audio minute)Frequency of Payment
Speechpad$0.25-$2.50Twice a week

Why Choose GoTranscript

What makes GoTranscript stand out are its accuracy, quick work, and solid pay. Often, they return perfect transcriptions within a day. Its language support, especially in Portuguese, serves a worldwide audience well. This combo has built GoTranscript’s strong reputation in the market.

With its focus on quality, speed, and fair compensation, GoTranscript is trusted for online income generation.

FreeCash: Test Apps and Complete Surveys

FreeCash lets users earn money through app tests and surveys. It’s known for easy use and good pay. This makes it a favorite site for making money. Now, let’s see what this platform is all about.

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Types of Tasks

On FreeCash, you can do many things, like:

  • Testing apps and games
  • Participating in surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online
  • Playing cash games

Each task pays differently. This means there’s something for everyone who wants to make money. This is good news for those trying to earn money.

Average Earnings

How much you make on FreeCash depends on the tasks. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. 5-minute surveys pay $0.4 (400 coins)
  2. 15-minute surveys pay $1.1 (1100 coins)
  3. 30-minute surveys pay $2 (2000 coins)
  4. You can earn up to $30 with app tests

The average user can make 3616 coins a day. This is about $3.62. Also, Trustpilot rated FreeCash very high, showing it’s a good place to earn.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at what’s good and bad about FreeCash:

High compensation for specific tasksTask availability varies
Many ways to earnPay can be up and down
Easy to useBuilding up a lot of money takes time

FreeCash is great for earning online with different activities. Its ease and many tasks make it popular among sites for earning money.

Rewardy.io: Passive Income Opportunities

Rewardy.io is a great site for earning passive income. It has simple tasks that don’t need a lot of time or money to complete. This makes it an awesome place to earn money with little effort.

How Rewardy.io Works

On Rewardy.io, you can make money by doing easy stuff like listening to music or trying new apps. Its design is very easy to use, which means almost anyone can earn here. There’s a lot of different things you can do, making this site special for making cash without investing a lot.

Top Tasks Available

There are many tasks to pick from on Rewardy.io. The tasks change in how hard they are and how much they pay. For example, you could earn $10 just by watching videos. But, you might make up to $500 for joining in special events. This mix brings in all kinds of people wanting to make more from passive income sites.

Payment Methods

You can get paid in many ways on Rewardy.io. They offer bank transfers and digital money, so everyone can get their cash the way they like. The best part is how fast you get paid, usually within a few days. That’s why Rewardy.io is top-notch for earning money easily.

SwagBucks: Cash for Completing Surveys

SwagBucks is a platform that pays you for surveys and more. It has given out over $592 million to its members worldwide. That’s why it’s a top pick for earning quick cash online.

Getting Started with SwagBucks

Setting up a SwagBucks account is fast and easy, taking less than a minute. New members get a bonus to kickstart their earnings. Tasks like web searches, scanning receipts, and playing games boost what you make. It’s great for anyone looking to earn extra money, from kids to adults.

10 Secret Websites to Make Money Online Fast
SwagBucks: Cash for Completing Surveys

Types of Rewards

You can choose from many rewards on Swagbucks, making it great for lots of people. Points can be turned into gift cards for over 1,500 stores or cash via PayPal. It also offers cash back deals, like up to 10% at Amazon, 8% at Macy’s, and 16% at The Home Depot.

Check out these cash back rates:

RetailerCash Back Percentage
The Home Depot16%

Maximizing Your Earnings

To make more on SwagBucks, try these tips. Spending 15-20 minutes daily can earn you $1 to $5. Do daily tasks and use referral bonuses. Look for Swag codes and special deals on SwagBucks Discover.

If you’re wondering about how to earn extra online without showing your face, SwagBucks is a good option.

Top earners at SwagBucks become Diamonds. They’ve earned over $20,000 and get a $250 bonus (25,000 SB). This shows how rewarding SwagBucks can be.

By working hard and choosing smart ways to earn, you can make the most of SwagBucks. It’s a great way to earn money quickly online.

JumpTask: Digital Tasks for Quick Cash

JumpTask offers a great way to earn cash by doing digital tasks. It started in 2022 and users love it. It has a high payment success rate and many referrals. This shows it’s a trusted place to earn money.

Types of Digital Tasks

JumpTask is loved for its wide range of tasks. You can do offerwalls, micro-tasks, surveys, and watch videos. There’s even an option to earn in JMPT, JumpTask’s own cryptocurrency.

Earning Potential

People who use JumpTask say it’s a good way to earn. You can choose to get paid in digital or regular money. With lots of tasks to do, you can make money in your free time.

User Experiences

Using JumpTask is easy and fun, users say. They often tell their friends to try it. The tasks are for everyone, from simple to more complex ones. But, some users find it’s not available everywhere.

In short, JumpTask is a top pick for anyone wanting to earn from home or use extra cash. If you ever wonder how much YouTubers make, try JumpTask’s video tasks. They show the big earning chances online.

GigWalk: On-Demand Gigs

GigWalk is a secret way to make money online. It connects people with gigs that match their skills and where they live. It’s perfect for anyone who wants work that is flexible. These jobs can easily fit into your day. People who use GigWalk, called GigWalkers, can make different amounts of money. It can be between $3 and $100 for each job.

10 Secret Websites to Make Money Online Fast
SwagBucks: Cash for Completing Surveys

Most gigs only take about 30 minutes. So, you can make $10 to $20 every hour. If you sign up for a job, you usually hear back in under an hour. Once you finish a gig, you get paid quickly through PayPal. This usually happens in 36 hours. The fast pay is one reason why GigWalk is a top choice for making money online.

How much you make with GigWalk can change based on where you are. People in big cities like Los Angeles or New York might find lots of jobs. They could earn $25 to $100 a month. But, if you live in a more rural place, you might have to spend more on getting to the jobs. This could lower how much you make.

Over 500,000 people have downloaded GigWalk on their Android phones. This shows it’s very popular. In cities, you can find many types of jobs like checking shops or taking photos. Even though what you do might vary, you will get paid quickly after your job is checked. This happens through PayPal in just a day or two. This shows that GigWalk is a good choice for making money online fast.

Average Gig Duration30 minutes
Payment per Gig$3 to $100
Gig Selection Time30-40 minutes
Payment Processing TimeWithin 36 hours
Popular Gig LocationsMajor cities like Los Angeles, New York City

In general, GigWalk is a great app for finding work online. It lets you pick from many different jobs that fit your time and skills. This makes it a good choice for anyone looking to earn extra money.

Scribie: Transcription Work for Beginners

Scribie is a great place for people new to transcription work. Signing up is easy and you can start working right away. You can earn up to $800 per month as a beginner and even more if you’re skilled. This makes Scribie stand out among other ways to make money online.

Getting Started with Scribie

Starting with Scribie is simple. After signing up, you take a transcription test. You get 10 tries to pass it. There’s no waiting for the test files. Once you pass, you can start working the same day because new files are always being added.

Earnings and Payments

At Scribie, you can make between $5 and $20 for every audio hour you transcribe. Payments are sent through PayPal. They arrive in about 36 hours after submitting your work. If you’re transcribing well but still not hitting the 99%+ accuracy mark, you can get free reviews and even refunds.

Tips for Success on Scribie

If you want to do well on Scribie, follow these suggestions:

  • Boost your typing speed to at least 65 wpm, but try to get to 75-90 wpm for better results.
  • Work on your listening skills too. They’re key to getting accurate transcriptions upfront.
  • Time management is crucial. Automated transcriptions can cut down time, especially for shorter files.

These tips will help you succeed on Scribie and make decent money. It’s a top choice for those looking to earn online by transcribing with care.

Merch by Amazon: Selling Custom T-Shirts

Merch by Amazon is a great chance for creative people. They can earn a lot by selling custom t-shirts. Amazon does the printing and shipping. So, there’s no need to worry about costs or inventory.

Creating Your Designs

Focus on making designs that stand out. Use high-quality images and bright colors. You start with 10 designs, but you can add more as you sell more.

Uploading and Selling

Your designs go through different checks. They can be in Draft, Under Review, Rejected, or Live status. Follow Amazon’s rules to keep your designs on the site. Also, marketing well is key.

Income Potential

For each t-shirt sold, you can make between 12% to 37%. So, you could earn around $7 for each shirt. At first, you might make just $40 a month. But, this can grow to over $1400 a month, with some making $6542 in a month.

MonthApprox. Earnings
First Month$40
Second Month$1400

With hard work and by learning how to market, you can see real success. Amazon’s huge customer base is a big plus. Plus, there’s no fee to start selling on Amazon. This makes it a great place for anyone, new or experienced, to sell their designs.

Neighbor: Rent Out Your Storage Space

Neighbor.com offers a great chance for homeowners to make money from unused areas. It allows them to rent out their spaces for storage. This is cheaper than the usual storage units, save you about $200 each month. It’s a win-win for both the people offering their space and those renting it.

Homeowners can utilize their garages, driveways, and sheds to earn extra cash. For example, a garage can make you $100 to $600 a month. Renting a driveway can get you $50 to $150 monthly. A shed might earn you $50 to $200 each month.

Neighbor’s highly-rated app, with 4.6 stars, found both on the App Store and Google Play Store, makes renting out easy. It charges a small fee, 4.9% and $0.30 monthly for each transaction. But, it gives big benefits, including insurance for both hosts and renters.

The platform is available across the U.S. and Washington, D.C. It recently received a $10 million Series A funding and a $53 million Series B funding. These came from major investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Fifth Wall. Neighbor doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus but does give referral bonuses, like a $50 Amazon gift card for successful referrals.

Neighbor ensures fairness through its solid policies. For renters, you can get your money back if you cancel within 24 hours of approval. Cancellations within three days before the start date get an 80% refund. Hosts need to give a 30-day notice if they must end a deal, or they’ll be charged a $60 fee.

With Neighbor, homeowners turn their spare spaces into money-making sites. It’s a key tool for making quick money online.

Wonder: Online Research Jobs

Wonder has been a favorite among top experts, thinkers, and business minds for ten years. It uses both AI and human skills for quick and in-depth research. Wonder stands out by providing detailed reports with everything needed, from custom details to recommendations.

Types of Research Projects

Innovators and strategists from many fields use Wonder every day. They work on market research, detailed analyses, and specific business questions. Working with Wonder means always learning and growing. It’s different from quick ways to make money, requiring detailed research and skill.

Payment Details

At Wonder, you can earn between $8 and $16 for each project. How much you make depends on how well you research and if the client is satisfied. Most tasks take about an hour. With Wonder, you do respected research work and make a steady income, unlike quick cah-options that may not be as dignified.

How to Excel on Wonder

Succeeding on Wonder is more than just searching the web. You need to think critically, summarize information well, and do in-depth research. Answering clients’ questions thoroughly and accurately leads to better payments. Wonder opens up fulfilling and financially rewarding research opportunities. It’s a secret way for students to make money while learning and growing.

Secret Websites to Make Money

The internet has a lot of ways to make money that many people don’t know about. By checking out these secret websites, you can find new and fun ways to make cash online. These sites are not as well-known, which makes them perfect for anyone wanting to earn extra money. Let’s see what these hidden gems are all about.

  • Swagbucks: Earn money easily by doing surveys. Plus, you get a $5 bonus when you join.
  • Rover: For those who love pets, connect with people who need pet care or dog walking.
  • Prolific and Respondent: Get paid to share your thoughts in online research or studies.
  • Etsy: A place to sell your crafts and art, perfect for creative people.
  • Shopify: Start an online store easily and sell products without keeping them in stock.
  • Amazon Associates: Earn money by promoting Amazon’s products and earning a commission.
  • Upwork: Offers a way for freelancers to connect with clients for various services.
  • VIPKid.com: Teach English to students online and make a difference in education.
  • Tutor.com: Online tutoring jobs available for teaching a variety of subjects.
  • TranscribeMe and Rev: Transcribe audio files to earn extra money.
  • Second to None: Get paid to be a mystery shopper.
  • Current Rewards: Earn money while enjoying music, games, or videos.
  • UserTesting: Test websites and apps to give feedback and get paid.
  • ClickWorker: Do small online tasks for cash, like surveys or creating text.
  • Fiverr: A platform to offer your skills and services to people worldwide.
  • TaskRabbit: Pick tasks you want to do and set your own rates.
  • Teachable: Create your own online courses and earn passive income.
  • Medium: Get paid for your writing by sharing engaging articles on this platform.
WebsitePrimary Earning MethodAverage Earnings
SwagbucksSurveys$810/month (estimated)
RoverPet ServicesVaries by Service
ProlificResearch StudiesStudy-specific
EtsyHandmade ItemsVaries
VIPKidOnline Tutoring$14-$22/hour

These secret websites present many new opportunities. They can be a great way to start a side hustle or begin a new career. With so many options out there, anyone can find a way to make money online for free. It’s all about exploring and getting started.


The digital world is full of chances to make quick money online. You can do jobs like transcribing at places such as GoTranscript. You can also sell your own stuff on places like Merch by Amazon. These sites offer lots of choices for your work, and you get to work how and when you want.

How you get paid is also up to you. You can choose methods like direct deposit or PayPal. Some places even give you bonuses or gift cards. For example, Medium pays writers through how popular their articles become. Teachable lets teachers decide what to charge for their online classes. And with gig sites like TaskRabbit, you can pick your hourly wage and not worry about service fees.

In our deep dive into these ways to earn online, we see the huge earning possibilities. You can make money actively or passively through different ways. The vast variety means there’s something for everyone. The online world is always growing, offering more ways to achieve financial freedom.

If you want to learn even more, there are plenty of other websites to check out. The 10 secret sites we’ve found show the excitement of the online job market. Each one has special benefits and rewards, helping both new and experienced freelancers. Use these platforms and the power of the internet to move towards your financial goals.


What are some secret websites to make money online?

Some not-so-famous sites can help you earn online. These include GoTranscript, FreeCash, and SwagBucks. You also have Rewardy.io, JumpTask, and others like GigWalk.

Services such as Scribie and platforms including Merch by Amazon can be good too. Don’t forget sites like Neighbor and Wonder for new options.

How can I start earning money with GoTranscript?

To make money at GoTranscript, first, join their site. Then, pass a simple transcription test. After that, transcribe audio or video files to earn. You get paid $0.60 for each audio minute.

What types of tasks are available on FreeCash?

FreeCash offers tasks to earn money. You can test apps, join surveys, and more. Pay per task varies. Some pay up to $30.

How does Rewardy.io work and what tasks are available?

Rewardy.io offers ways to make money by doing easy tasks. You might listen to music or install apps. Tasks pay from $10 to $500. You can get paid in cash or digital money.

What rewards can I earn with SwagBucks?

SwagBucks lets you earn gift cards and PayPal cash. Just do surveys and tasks on their site to get rewards.

What types of tasks can I find on JumpTask?

JumpTask has tasks like games, surveys, and app installs. You can make money fast. They pay in real and digital money.

How do I start working with Scribie?

To work at Scribie, sign up. Then, complete the application and a test. When you’re in, you can transcribe for up to $800 a month.

How does Neighbor help me earn money?

Neighbor lets you rent your garage or driveway for storage. You can make around $300 a month. It’s an easy way to get some extra money.

What kind of research work is available on Wonder?

Wonder has research jobs like market studies and data analysis. You can earn from $8 to $16 a task, based on how well you do.

Are there other secret websites to earn money without investment?

Absolutely, many hidden websites let you earn without paying to join. SwagBucks, JumpTask, and Rewardy.io are just a few examples.

What are some easy ways for kids to make money online?

For kids, SwagBucks is good, with games and surveys. Just make sure it’s OK with your parents before you start.

How can I make money with Merch by Amazon?

With Merch by Amazon, you design and sell shirts online. It costs nothing upfront. Your profit depends on how much people like your designs.

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