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Earn Money as a Kid: Fun and Easy Ways to Start

When I look back at my first business as a kid, a lemonade stand, I feel the excitement of making my own cash. It not only made me happy but also taught me about working hard and handling money well. Nowadays, there are many ways for earn money as a kid that go way beyond a simple lemonade stand.

Since many traditional jobs are not open to those under 14, kids can get creative. They can offer services in their neighborhood or use the internet to start learning about money early. On platforms like Fiverr, even 13-year-olds can find work. Next-door helps them find local jobs like babysitting. These activities can teach kids about money and prepare them for their financial future. It’s important for parents to get involved to make sure these activities are both safe and educational.

Key Takeaways

  • Kids can work for their parents’ business, providing an early start in earning money.
  • Freelancing platforms like Fiverr are accessible to users as young as 13.
  • Local gigs can be found through apps like Nextdoor for teens 13 and older.
  • Online survey sites such as Swagbucks are available to teens starting at age 13.
  • Creating content on social media platforms can be a lucrative opportunity for kids 13 and up.

Chores and Odd Jobs Around the House

Doing chores and yardwork teaches kids valuable lessons. It gives them money and shows them responsibility. They learn work is linked to earning.

Household Chores

Chores are great for kids of any age. They learn to help around the house. Let’s see what each age group can do:

  • Preschool-aged children: They can help with laundry, stack books, and feed pets.
  • Kindergarten children: Making their bed and helping with meals is a good start. They also help set or clear the table.
  • Primary school-aged kids: They can do more like tidying their room and helping with laundry. Let them take out the rubbish and walk the dog.
  • High school-aged children: Older kids can make their lunches and cook more often. They also do tasks like vacuuming and washing dishes.

You can give a special reward for each task. This way, kids learn the value of money. They earn more responsibility as they get older.


Yardwork is a great chance for kids to make money. Plus, it’s good exercise outdoors:

  • Kids can earn $20 to $50 mowing lawns, depending on the job.
  • They can also do light work like pulling weeds or raking leaves.
  • In some areas, collecting bottles and cans is a way to earn more money easily.

This work isn’t just about earning. Yardwork teaches kids about hard work and feeling proud after a job well done.

Age GroupHousehold ChoresYardwork Tasks
Preschool (2-5)Helping with laundry, stacking books, feeding the petPulling weeds
Kindergarten (5-6)Making bed, unpacking lunchbox, setting tableRaking leaves
Primary school (7-10)Tidying room, taking out trash, sweeping floorsLawn mowing, recycling bottles/cans
High school (11-18)Making lunches, washing dishes, cooking mealsComplex garden maintenance

Babysitting and Pet Sitting Services

Young people are finding new ways to make money, and two top choices are babysitting and pet sitting. These jobs not only earn money but also teach skills. Plus, they help the community.


Babysitting is a great option for older kids and teens who are responsible. It pays well, sometimes up to $20 per hour. It’s all about building trust, especially when it comes to someone else’s kids. Starting with families you know is a smart move.

In many places, you can learn babysitting and first aid skills. These make parents feel more comfortable hiring you. So, getting those qualifications can help a lot.

Pet Sitting

If you love animals, pet sitting is a good way to make some quick cash. It starts at around $10 an hour but can get as high as $25. By being reliable and using websites like Rover.com, Dogvacay.com, and Care.com, you can get more work.

Getting certified by Pet Sitters International can set you apart. But, it’s not a must. Sharing your services with others online and through social media can help you find more clients.

Usually, pet sitters charge about $10 an hour per pet. Some can make up to $1,500 a month. Pricing varies by location. But, most charge $25 to $35 per night. There’s a big need for good pet sitters, so there’s a lot of opportunity.

ServiceHourly RatePotential Monthly EarningsRecommended Starting Age
BabysittingUp to $20Varies12+
Pet Sitting$10 – $25Up to $1,50010+

If you want to start a pet sitting business, you don’t need much money. Just buy some pet supplies and maybe advertise online. As you get more clients, having a website can make you look more professional.

Running a Lemonade or Hot Cocoa Stand

Starting a drink stand is a timeless way for kids to learn about making money. You can choose to sell lemonade in the summer or hot cocoa in the winter. These businesses are not only enjoyable but can also make good cash. Let’s look at what you need to do to run a stand and make the most out of it.

Lemonade Stand

On hot days, a lemonade stand is a hit because people love a cold drink. You can sell a cup for 25 cents to a dollar. If you make the lemonade from fresh lemons, you can charge even more, up to $1.25 a cup.

Using the best ingredients makes your lemonade taste better. It also lets you charge a little extra. But, if you want to sell cheaper drinks, use the powdered kind. You can sell those for 25 to 50 cents a cup.

lemonade stand » Earn Money as a Kid: Fun and Easy Ways to Start
lemonade stand

Try adding more things to sell, like cookies or fruit punch. This will bring in more customers. Pick a spot where lots of people go, like a park. But, make sure it’s okay to sell there by checking the rules. In places like California, Texas, and Vermont, you might not need a permit.

Make your stand look inviting. Use fun signs with bright colors and pictures of lemons. Chairs, shade, and maybe something fun to do can make people stay longer. Always be friendly and talk to customers nicely. This can help you sell more.

Think about the environment, too. It’s better to use dishes and cups you can wash and use again. This cuts down on trash. Know the rules for your area so you don’t get in trouble.

Hot Cocoa Stand

In the cold season, hot cocoa can be just as big a seller as lemonade. Good quality matters here too. You can offer hot cocoa with fun toppings like marshmallows and whipped cream. This makes it appeal to more people.

  • Setting up near winter events or holiday markets can ensure a steady stream of customers.
  • Using colorful, winter-themed decorations and lights can attract attention and create a festive mood.
  • Hot cocoa stands can also benefit from selling accompanying treats like cookies and cakes, increasing overall profitability.

Just like with lemonade, follow the local rules for selling. Some places need you to get a permit. Others, like in Texas, have special rules for selling homemade food. Tell your neighbors if you’re going to sell to avoid problems.

Running these stands teaches children about business. With the right approach and attention to rules, even kids can run a successful stand. This helps them learn about business and the importance of quality and good service.

Sell Unwanted Items Online or In-Person

Kids can turn their clutter into cash through selling unwanted items. This includes old clothes, toys, and books. There are many ways to do this.

Online Marketplaces

Online sites are great for selling items. For example, Craigslist lets you post things for free. This makes it a smart choice.

eBay, on the other hand, charges 35 cents a listing and a 13.255% fee. This is for sales up to $7,500, with more costs if you sell more.

OfferUp charges a 12.9% fee for items you ship. There is also a minimum fee of $1.99.

If you make handmade items, think about using Etsy. They ask for 20 cents per listing and a 6.5% fee on sales, shipping included.

Poshmark’s fees are $2.95 for sales under $15 and 20% for more expensive items. It’s a good place to sell clothes. Vinted charges buyers a 5% fee, plus a 70-cent protection fee.

eBay35c per listing + 13.255% of sales up to $7,500 + additional fees
OfferUp12.9% sale price, $1.99 min
Etsy20c listing fee + 6.5% of sale price
Poshmark$2.95 under $15, 20% over $15
Vinted5% + 70c protection fee

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a classic but a good way to sell items. They let you sell things face-to-face. Kids can also learn how to bargain and understand money better.

To have a garage sale, start by telling your neighbors. You can make flyers or post on a site like Nextdoor. Then, make sure your items are clean and priced fairly.

A mix of online sales and garage sales can help you sell more. This way, you might sell what doesn’t move online at your garage sale. Plus, you can clear out what you don’t use and make extra money.

Freelancing and Online Gigs

Freelancing and online gigs offer a fun way for teenagers to make money. They can do this while learning new skills. Platforms like Fiverr welcome teens as young as 13 with their parents’ approval. Teens have a range of jobs to pick from, including writing, graphic design, and tech tasks.

Earn Money as a Kid: Fun and Easy Ways to Start
freelancing and online gigs

Freelancing Platforms

Fiverr and Upwork are great for teens wanting to freelance. They let teens choose when they work and how much they charge. This flexibility is perfect for managing school and work. Let’s look at some key players:

PlatformMinimum AgeTypes of Work
Fiverr13Writing, Graphic Design, Tech Services
Upwork18Writing, Virtual Assistance, Tech Services
Swagbucks13Watching Ads, Online Surveys
Mistplay13Playing Video Games
Foap18Selling Photos

Taking Online Surveys

Online surveys are an option for teens to make some cash. With sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, anyone 13 or older can join with parent approval. The pay isn’t big, but it’s a simple way to start earning online.

Freelancing helps teens learn about working in a digital space. It also builds skills for future jobs. Plus, it teaches important lessons in managing time and being responsible. This makes it a great choice for young people who want to work for themselves.

Teaching and Tutoring Opportunities

Kids and teens with knowledge have many teaching and tutoring opportunities. They can share skills in subjects they’re good at or special talents. This helps them make a difference and earn money. It boosts their knowledge and helps the community too.

Academic Tutoring

For those good at school subjects, academic tutoring is a great option. Sites like TutorMe, Chegg Tutors, and Tutor.com allow them to help others in math, science, and languages. Tutoring can happen at school, libraries, or by doing private sessions. It offers a good hourly wage and flexibility. Here’s a look at earning opportunities in a few popular platforms:

PlatformAge RangeAverage Earnings
TutorMeAll Ages$16 – $25 per hour
Chegg TutorsAll Ages$20 – $30 per hour
Tutor.comAll Ages$20 – $40 per hour

Skill-Based Teaching

There’s also skill-based teaching to explore. Kids can teach music, sports, or art. They can do this through tutoring or informal mentoring. On Udemy, they can make their own courses and earn 97% of sales through self-promotion. Fiverr lets tutors charge between $10 and $25 per hour or more. Here’s some information on what you can earn with skill-based teaching on different platforms:

PlatformAverage Earnings
Udemy97% of course sales
Fiverr$10 – $25 per hour
PalFish$12 – $17 per hour

Being involved in teaching and tutoring opportunities helps kids and teens learn a lot. It also encourages sharing what they know with others.

Find Local Gigs Through Social Media and Apps

In today’s world, finding local gigs is very easy. Apps like Nextdoor help people, including teens, find jobs in their area. This way uses social media to connect people who need services with those who can offer them. It’s a great way for anyone to make some money on weekends.

Using Nextdoor

Nextdoor lets teens (13 and up) find work like babysitting and lawn care in their neighborhood. It’s similar to spreading the word through friends, but it’s safer and builds trust. It’s a great way for teens to earn and learn.

On average, babysitters in the U.S. make $18.50 per hour, notes Sittercity. This is a good chance for teens to increase their cash. They get to learn valuable skills and earn money. These are things many parents wish they learned when they were young.

Earn Money as a Kid: Fun and Easy Ways to Start
find local gigs
Platform/AppService OfferedAverage Earnings
NextdoorBabysitting, Dog Walking$15 to $25/hour
RoverPet Sitting$15 to $20+/hour
DoorDashFood Delivery$20+/hour
GigwalkVarious Local Gigs$3 to $100/task
WonoloWarehouse Work, Delivery Gigs$12 to $20/hour

Using platforms like Nextdoor for finding gigs is not just about making money. It also strengthens the community by connecting people through services. For teens and others, it’s a way to earn and learn important skills.

Monetize Your Social Media Presence

In today’s world, social media is a key player. Young content creators can turn their passion into profit on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. To succeed, it takes hard work, time, and a smart digital marketing plan. Knowing your audience and how to make money from your content is essential.

Creating Content

Making content is vital to keep your followers interested. The value of influencers and creators could go beyond $500 billion by 2027. To make money, follow the 60/30/10 rule: post 60% about your passion, share 30% from others, and sell only 10%. This approach helps in making your feed attractive and successful.

Earning Through Sponsorships

Working with brands is a big way to make money. Different sites have various ways to earn:

  • Instagram: Great for working with brands and sharing links.
  • YouTube: Joining the Partner Program means you can earn from ads and gifts from fans.
  • TikTok: The Creator Fund, working with brands, and live gifts can boost your income.
  • Twitter: Brief thoughts and promoting others can increase your money-making opportunities.

Parents support their teens in these money-making chances and also keep them safe online. They should teach kids about money, set rules, and protect their privacy as they explore making money on social media.

PlatformMonetization Methods
InstagramBrand collaborations, affiliate marketing
YouTubeAd revenue, fan donations, Partner Program
TikTokCreator Fund, brand partnerships, live gifts
TwitterAudience subscriptions, high viewership monetization

Weekend and Seasonal Jobs

Working weekend jobs and summer jobs can be great for teens. It helps them get work experience and earn some money. They can choose from a variety of jobs based on what they like and their availability. This guide will help them find the best ways to make money in these roles.

Summer Jobs

Summertime brings many job opportunities for teenagers. Jobs like being a lifeguard let teens enjoy the sun while making money. Stores also hire more people for their summer sales. This means more job chances for teens.

If creativity is your strength, consider making money from T-shirt designs, photography, or blogging.

  • Lifeguarding – Ideal for those who enjoy swimming and sun.
  • Retail Store Jobs – Provides customer service experience.
  • Creative Jobs – Photography, blogging, designing T-shirts.

If you’re looking into how to earn more money as a nurse, consider health-related summer jobs. These could include helping at clinics or volunteering at hospitals. This will give you a head start in the health field and make you stand out in the future.

Weekend Jobs

Weekend jobs are key for busy teens wanting to make extra cash outside school hours. This can be through dog walking or babysitting. It can also include helping in offices. These jobs offer work that fits around school schedules.

  • Dog Walking – Encourages exercise and responsibility.
  • Babysitting – Provides experience in childcare, often with higher pay rates.
  • Office Work – Flexible options in filing, mailing, and basic administrative tasks.

Working at local stores or leisure centers is another good choice. Such places often need weekend help. This job teaches you a lot about teamwork and handling busy times. It’s also great if you’re thinking about a future in healthcare and wondering about earning more as a nurse.

These jobs don’t just bring in money. They also help you build skills that will be useful in any career you choose in the future.

Earn Money as a Kid through Creative Projects

Getting involved in creative projects is a great way for kids to make money. It lets them use and improve their skills. They can try out new business ideas too.

Kids can make crafts or start bake sales. This not only brings in cash but also helps them think creatively. It teaches them how to solve problems and run a little business.

Crafts and Handmade Goods

Are you good at making things? You can design and sell your crafts. This includes everything from pretty ornaments to cool pet accessories. For example, Fraser Doherty made a lot of money selling his own jam when he was young.

If you’re 10 to 12 years old, you might enjoy this. It’s a chance to learn about pricing and managing money. Making these items helps you see what people like. It also shows you how to sell stuff, both in person and online.

According to Self Sufficient Kids, doing these crafts helps kids learn about money. It gives them real-world skills that are super useful.

Bake Sales

Another fun way to earn money is by hosting bake sales. If you love to bake, this is perfect for you. You can sell your treats at different places, like schools and events in your town.

You could make simple cookies or more complex desserts. Selling these treats helps you understand how to do business. It also shows you the importance of being nice to your customers.

As BusyKid points out, bake sales teach you to be independent and think on your feet. Plus, you make some money and have fun too.

Crafts and handmade goods and bake sales are great for earning cash. They also make kids feel accomplished. And most importantly, they learn valuable skills they can use later in life.

Get Paid to Stream on Twitch

If you’re 13 or older and love gaming, Twitch could be your ticket to a steady income. You can make money through donations, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships with a parent or guardian’s approval. To do well on Twitch, you’ll need a strong setup, stream often, and attract a loyal fan base.

Setting Up Your Stream

First, you have to set up your stream. You’ll need a powerful gaming PC and a great microphone. These can be pricey but are essential for a good stream. If you’re under 18, you’ll also need your parent’s permission to stream on Twitch.

To become an affiliate on Twitch, you have to meet certain goals. These goals include getting 50 followers, streaming for eight hours, on seven different days, and having an average of three viewers. It’s a bit of work, but it’s worth it.

Earning from Donations and Sponsorships

Once your stream is all set, you can start making money. Twitch affiliates get to set their subscriptions at different levels. They can make money through these subscriptions and by collecting “Twitch Bits” during streams.

Streamers also get paid for the ads people watch on their streams. For example, with 10,000 viewers, a streamer might earn up to $30,000 a month. This shows how much money you could make. In fact, Pok Imane made $1.5 million in 2021 alone.

Brand sponsorships are another way to earn more. If you have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, brands may want to work with you. The video game streaming market is growing quickly. It was worth $2.1 billion at the end of last year and is expected to reach $3.5 billion by 2025.


Teaching kids to make their own money is priceless. It’s not just about doing household chores or freelancing, but also about learning how to earn money. They learn about hard work, become independent, and pick up important money skills.

Learning about money early is key. Studies have shown that teens who learn about money in school have better credit later. It’s not just about making a buck. It’s also about teaching kids how to use their money smartly.

Getting a grip on financial literacy helps make better choices in the future. Prof. Melody Harvey found that teens who learned about money in high school made better financial choices later. We should back kids as they start their own money ventures. It’s not just fun; it’s about securing a bright financial future. There’s more to learn about this in the importance of making money for a full overview.


What are some easy ways for kids to earn money?

Kids can make money doing household chores and yardwork. They can also babysit, pet sit, or run a stand for lemonade or hot cocoa. Selling old stuff online or in-person and freelancing are good ways too. Taking online surveys, teaching, or tutoring also works. Finding gigs on social media, doing creative projects, and streaming on Twitch are other options.

How can kids make money by doing household chores?

Kids can clean, vacuum, and do laundry to earn from their parents. Each chore can be given a price. This helps kids learn about the value of work.

What is some pet-sitting opportunities for kids?

Kids can make money by pet sitting and walking dogs. They should let neighbors know about their services. Building a good reputation is important for getting more jobs.

How can kids start a lemonade or hot cocoa stand?

To begin a stand, kids should pick a busy spot. They can then choose what to sell and check the rules for any needed permits. Summer is great for lemonade, and winter for hot cocoa.

What are the best platforms for selling unwanted items online?

For selling things, kids can use Offer Up and Etsy. They can also have a garage sale. This lets them sell items face-to-face.

How can teenagers earn money through freelancing?

Teens can freelance on websites like Fiverr. They can offer writing, design, or tech help. They may also try online surveys but should be careful about how much they pay and their privacy.

What tutoring opportunities are available for kids?

Kids can tutor in school subjects or teach music or sports. They can offer the help in schools, libraries, or at home.

How can teens find local gigs using social media and apps?

To find local jobs, teens can use platforms like Next-door. They can offer services such as babysitting or mowing lawns. This method is like a modern way of spreading the news through friends.

How can kids monetize their social media presence?

To make money on social media, kids can post interesting content on sites like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. They can make money from ads and sponsorships. But they should be the right age and have their parents’ okay.

What weekend or seasonal job opportunities exist for teens?

In their free time, teens can work at places like grocery stores, shops, or recreational centers. This can help them earn money and gain work skills.

What creative projects can help kids earn money?

Kids can sell crafts or bake goods to make money. They can sell these online or at local markets. This helps them learn about handling money and setting prices.

How can kids earn money by streaming on Twitch?

Kids 13 and older can stream games on Twitch with an adult watching. They can make money from donations, ads, and sponsors. Having a lot of viewers helps.

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