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Top 10 Best Dropshipping Sites to Build Your Online Store

Ever thought about why some dropshipping stores do well while others don’t? The key is choosing the right suppliers. They let you run an online shop without worrying about storing products. But choosing the best Dropshipping sites can be tricky.

Dropshipping is perfect for those who want to start a business online, with little risk. You don’t have to buy and store products. You just list things to sell and buy them after you’ve made a sale.

Popular sites like DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping, Spocket, SaleHoo, and others help with this. They give you tools to find products, automate orders, and handle shipping. This way, you keep costs low and make more profit. These are some top recommended dropshipping platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping offers a free plan for up to 3,000 products.
  • SaleHoo has a database with over 8,000 suppliers and 2.5 million products.
  • Spocket serves mainly US and EU markets with plans starting at $39.99 per month.
  • Zendrop provides both dropshipping and print-on-demand services starting at $49 per month.
  • Printify integrates with major platforms and offers 800+ customizable products.
  • Modalyst specializes in high-end brands, providing both free and paid plans.
  • Inventory Source focuses on automating the connection between online stores and suppliers.

Why Choose Dropshipping for Your Online Store?

Dropshipping is very appealing to online business owners for several reasons. It combines saving money, testing the market, and flexible ways to run a business. This makes it perfect for those who want to start a business without a big upfront cost.

Low Overhead Costs

In dropshipping, you don’t pay for products until someone buys them. This means you don’t need to store a lot of inventory or worry about extra costs. Tools like Spocket, which helps with sending orders automatically, can make dropshipping even cheaper and easier.

Less Startup Capital Required

Choosing dropshipping means you need less money to begin. Without having to buy inventory first, you can use your money on other things, like ads. You can start with very little, such as a laptop and internet. This makes it easier to adjust your business as it gets bigger.

Location Flexibility

With dropshipping, where you work from doesn’t matter. As long as you have internet, you can sell from any corner of the world. You won’t need to worry about storing or shipping products yourself. This makes dropshipping a great fit for those who want to work while traveling.

Fewer Risks When Testing New Products

Dropshipping is a safe way to try new products. You can check if a product is good without spending a lot first. Tools like SaleHoo can help you see what may sell well. This way, you can change and grow your shop more easily, with less risk.

Dropshipping offers low costs to start, easy ways to do business, cheap ways to sell stuff, and great ways to test what people want. It all makes starting an online shop less risky and more likely to succeed.

How to Select the Best Dropshipping Sites

Choosing the right dropshipping site is key for your e-commerce business. Look at aspects like the products they offer, the fees, how fast they ship, and if they integrate with your platform. Making smart choices with these in mind can boost your business’s success.

Product Range and Quality

Think about using dropshipping sites like DSers-AliExpress. It has a huge selection of over 100 million products. Or SaleHoo, which connects you with more than 2.5 million items. A wide range of products means you can serve many different customers. Checking product quality is also crucial. It ensures the items you sell meet the standards your customers look for.

Service Charges and Fees

Be sure to check the fees of the dropshipping platforms you’re considering. Some, like Spocket and Zendrop, might cost more but have great features. These include automatic order processing and the ability to add your brand to the packaging. These features can really help your business stand out and keep customers coming back.

Shipping Times to Customers

Fast shipping is vital for making customers happy. Platforms with quick and reliable shipping, like Zendrop and Spocket, are ideal. Zendrop, for instance, offers products stored in the US for faster delivery. This means your customers get their items on time, improving their shopping experience.

Integration with Ecommerce Platforms

Choosing a platform that works well with your e-commerce store is important. Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce are good for this. They offer tools like Dropified and Gelato. These tools automate some tasks and give you info on what’s popular in the market. This helps keep your store running smoothly and ahead of the game.

dropshipping platform selection
dropshipping platform selection

In summary, assessing product quality, looking at fees, checking shipping speed, and how they work with your platform are critical when picking a dropshipping service. By focusing on these, you can improve how you source products. This way, your customers get what they want quickly and in good condition.

AliExpress: A Global Giant for Dropshipping

AliExpress is known for its huge variety, with over 100 million items. It began in 2010 as part of Alibaba. It mainly connects sellers with dropshipping suppliers. This makes it different from other places to sell online. One big plus of AliExpress is it doesn’t cost much to start selling. This helps new businesses get going without spending a lot of money.

Advantages of Using AliExpress

There are many good things about using AliExpress. For one, there are so many different things to buy. This is great for sellers looking to sell in different categories. You can make things even easier by connecting AliExpress with platforms like Shopify. This lets you manage your products better. You can do this even with no money, since it’s free for up to 3,000 products. This really helps small businesses get started without much cash.

Disadvantages to Consider

But, AliExpress has some downsides too. With many people using it for dropshipping, there is a lot of competition. It can be hard to make your business stand out. Also, not all suppliers are equally reliable. You must be careful and check a supplier’s reviews very well. Always aim for those with ratings over 4.5 stars. This will help make sure your customers are happy with their orders.

Best For: New Merchants with Lower Budgets

AliExpress is perfect for people just starting in business. It’s very affordable, which is great for those with small budgets. Connecting it with Shopify through DSers makes starting up easier. This is why many people choose AliExpress for their first steps into business. It helps them save money while they grow their brands.

Spocket: Focusing on US and EU Markets

Spocket is a great choice for those who want to enter the US and EU dropshipping markets. It has many merchants from these areas, which is excellent for selling in domestic and international markets. A special thing about Spocket is its branded invoicing. This helps businesses make their brand stand out more.

US and EU dropshipping
US and EU dropshipping

Shipping is fast with Spocket. US deliveries take between 4 to 7 days. But, if a supplier is near the customer, it can be as quick as 1 to 3 days. This fast delivery is possible because Spocket works with a lot of local suppliers.

Compared to sites like Buy2Bee or Sunrise Wholesale, Spocket can ship quickly. However, other sites might be faster depending on where their warehouses are. Although Spocket is a bit more expensive, it’s worth it because it focuses on showing and shipping your brand fast.

Starting at $39.99 each month, Spocket falls into a higher budget entry. But, if fast shipping and personalized products are what you need, it’s a good deal. It works well for selling to many parts of the world, which means more customers and better sales.

In the end, Spocket is a top choice for linking retailers with US and EU suppliers. It stands out with branded invoicing and quick shipping, perfect for businesses wanting to stand out and serve their customers fast.

SaleHoo: In-Depth Product Research

SaleHoo is well-known in the dropshipping world for helping over 137,000 business owners. It connects them with top-notch products and suppliers. What really sets SaleHoo apart is its huge list of more than 8,000 trusted suppliers. This means you can find lots of great products from sources you can rely on.

Market Research Tools

The Market Research Lab at SaleHoo is a great tool for sellers who like to use data. It helps them find products that are both popular and profitable. By using this tool, sellers can pick items that are in high demand. This can lead to more sales and success.

Access to Verified Suppliers

In SaleHoo’s directory, there are over 8,000 suppliers from around the world. They’ve all been checked and approved. This helps sellers meet reliable suppliers. Plus, many of these suppliers don’t require large orders. That’s good news for new dropshipping businesses.

Best For: Data-Driven Merchants

SaleHoo is especially great for merchants who rely a lot on market research. It might not plug directly into your online store, but its data is super detailed. This lets users make really smart choices about what to sell. The platform also provides strong customer support. Their team is full of experts and can be reached through various channels.

FeatureSaleHooAlibaba/AliExpressWorldwide Brands
Verified Suppliers8,000+LimitedOver 8,800
Products Available1.6 Million+1.8 Million16 Million+
Annual Fee$67Free$299 (Lifetime)
Market Research ToolsYesNoNo
Support ChannelsPhone, Email, Live Chat, FacebookEmailEmail and Phone

Zendrop: Dropshipping and Print-On-Demand Services

The Zendrop platform started in November 2020. It has a Shopify app that does dropshipping and print-on-demand dropshipping. Zendrop is known for its reliable suppliers and fast shipping. This means sellers can offer quick delivery, especially in the US.

Zendrop platform
Zendrop platform

What makes Zendrop special is it lets sellers use custom packaging and subscription boxes. It’s great for building brand identity. Sellers can also put their own label on products. This not only makes the brand stronger but also keeps customers coming back.

Sellers like Zendrop’s extra features. These include automated order tracking, inventory management, and pricing optimization. These make selling online easier for everyone involved.

Zendrop has the Zendrop Academy, a place to learn about selling online. It has a lot of info and tips for doing well in e-commerce.

Zendrop costs $49 a month to use. But it offers many features to help online stores run better. It doesn’t have a free trial, but there is a free plan to start with.

Zendrop is known for its great support team, which is available all the time. But the free plan doesn’t include live chat support. Still, most people are very happy with Zendrop, giving it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Starting Price$49/month$29/month
Free TrialNoNo
Free PlanYesYes
US-Based ShippingYesNo
Private LabelingYesNo

Modalyst: High-End Brand Dropshipping

In the world of luxury dropshipping, Modalyst shines. It offers high-end brands that attract luxury shoppers. This makes online stores more credible and gives a unique shopping experience.

Big Name Brands Availability

Modalyst connects you with top brands around the world. This market will grow to USD 354.80 billion by 2023. You can find more than 120 luxury names and 9,000 products.

They have high-end items like fashion, leather, cosmetics, and jewelry. It all matches the latest market trends.

Domestic and International Shipping

Modalyst serves both local and global customers well. It offers fast shipping for international brands. With the US aiming for a $75,690 million market in 2023, going global is smart.

Private Label Dropshipping

Modalyst also offers private label chances. This is great for making your brand unique. You get to control product quality and design, making your products stand out more.

Big Name BrandsAccess to over 120 luxury brands through Brands Distribution
Product Variety9,000+ products across 90 categories, including premium items
ShippingDomestic and international, catering to a global market
Private Label OpportunitiesAllows customization of products under retailer’s brand

Choosing Modalyst lets merchants enter a growing luxury market. This market is expected to increase by 3.38% by 2028. Modalyst offers varying levels of support, from automated to full private labels.

Trendsi: Niche Specific Dropshipping

Trendsi is a new platform made just for niche dropshipping. It helps sellers focus on specific markets. This makes it easier to find and sell products that appeal to certain customers.

It’s great for narrowing down your customer base. Trendsi helps find the right suppliers for unique products. This lets store owners create selections that really meet their customers’ needs, boosting satisfaction.

Trendsi guarantees shipping times of 2-10 business days from the US. It has a top Shopify rating, 4.9. So, merchants can expect speedy, reliable service for sourcing their special products.

Target MarketsSpecific Audiences, Niche Products
Shipping Time2-10 Business Days
Fulfillment LocationUS
Shopify Rating4.9

Trendsi is the go-to for e-commerce merchants who want to excel. It offers support for niche dropshipping and makes sourcing special products efficient.

Inventory Source: Automation and Supplier Directory

Inventory Source is top-notch in the dropshipping world. It offers great automated tools and links you to many suppliers. This makes running a store online easier and more efficient. Many online stores choose Inventory Source for its reliability and big network of suppliers.

Automated Dropshipping Features

Inventory Source has lots of features to help with orders and stock. It syncs product listings, updates on inventory, and processes orders smoothly. Businesses like Witchleaf Coven say it works great. They were impressed to add more than 6,000 items to their store in just one day.

  • Streamlined order fulfillment
  • Product uploads
  • Inventory synchronization
  • Order routing

Extensive Supplier Network

Inventory Source links to over 180 suppliers. These suppliers have everything from electronics to unique items. This wide variety meets many customer needs. For example, Neptune’s Boat Store manages more than 14,000 products with Inventory Source’s help.

BusinessHighlighted FeatureSuccess Story
Neptune’s Boat StoreInventory ManagementManaged 14,000+ SKUs
Witchleaf CovenProduct UploadsUploaded 6,000+ items in a day
Cirpel Jewelry ShopProduct SourcingHighly recommended Inventory Source

Best For: Automation Enthusiasts

Starting at $99/month, Inventory Source is great for those who love automation. It offers advanced tools for better dropshipping. Businesses like DirtyFurClothing say it’s excellent for managing stock automatically. It also works with popular online shop platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, making it a good fit for many.

Overall, Inventory Source is a solid choice for businesses that want to be efficient in dropshipping.

Printify: Print-On-Demand Dropshipping

Printify is a top choice for those into print-on-demand. It gives access to over 800 products you can customize. This includes items from clothes to home decorations. So, if you want to make a brand stand out, Printify is your go-to place.

One key perk of Printify is its big network of printers, with 80+ providers and over 100 centers around the globe. This makes sure orders are processed quickly and sent out fast. It means you can reach a lot of people with your unique items, hassle-free.

You can start with Printify for free or choose the Premium plan for $24.99 a month. It fits different types and sizes of businesses, helping you manage your store easily. It smoothly works with big e-commerce sites like Shopify and Etsy.

People love Printify for its great service and how it always gets better. It’s rated 4.8 out of 5, from over 1800 reviews. This shows why more than 8 million sellers everywhere trust it.

Getting going with Printify doesn’t cost you anything upfront. You can create and sell without buying any stock. And when someone orders your product, Printify takes over. This lets sellers focus on their designs, taking the hassle out of selling.

With fair prices and a huge variety of products, plus a strong network of printers, Printify is perfect for anyone wanting to start print-on-demand dropshipping.

Wholesale Central: Extensive Supplier Directory

Wholesale Central serves North American retailers looking for cheap shipping from US and Canadian suppliers. It offers a big list of suppliers who dropship a variety of products. This is great for businesses wanting to save on shipping and check out products for free.

Low Shipping Prices

One big plus of Wholesale Central is its low shipping costs. Since most suppliers are in North America, sending packages is cheaper and faster than from overseas. This makes it a smart pick for shops wanting to cut down on shipping costs without losing out on speed.

Free Product Catalog Browsing

Another cool thing about Wholesale Central is that you can look at their product catalog for free. Retailers get to see a wide range of products without spending money, helping them pick the right items without risk. It’s a great way to save money upfront and choose wisely.

Best For: US and Canada Retailers

Wholesale Central is great for US and Canada shops because it links them to local suppliers. This helps businesses keep their supply chain simple and affordable. The directory is perfect for shops focusing on saving on shipping and quick, efficient order filling. This leads to better prices and happier customers.

In a nutshell, Wholesale Central is key for North American shops wanting cheap shipping and a wide choice of suppliers.


To find the best dropshipping platform, you need to think about what your business needs. Each platform offers something different for your online store. AliExpress is good for those starting with a small budget. They have a lot of products at low prices.

But if you need faster shipping or want your package to look like it’s from your brand, try Spocket. They focus on shipping quickly in the US and EU. This costs a bit more than AliExpress.

If you like to know a lot about the products you sell or want to make sure your suppliers are trustworthy, check out SaleHoo. For businesses wanting to sell more than just dropshipping products, Zendrop is a good choice.

They work well with Shopify and can help with printing products on demand. For those who want to sell luxury goods, there’s Modalyst. They offer shipping worldwide and focus on high-end brands.

Looking to automate your store’s inventory? Inventory Source is your best pick. It helps make managing stock easier. Overall, choosing the right dropshipping platform means looking at the type of products you want to sell, how fast you need them to ship, and if they work with other tools you use.

Whichever platform you choose, be sure it fits your business plan and long-term goals. A good dropshipping platform will help you grow your online business. To see how others have succeeded, check out this guide on successful Shopify dropshipping stores. It can give you ideas and tips for your own store.


What are the best dropshipping sites to build your online store?

A: Some top dropshipping sites are AliExpress, Spocket, SaleHoo, Zendrop, Trendsi, and Inventory Source. These platforms have unique features. They fit different business needs like low starting costs, specific market focus, or easy automation.

Why is dropshipping considered a low-risk business model?

It’s low-risk because you don’t buy inventory upfront. You pay for products after you sell them. This cuts down on start-up costs and financial risks.

How do I start dropshipping for free?

A: Start by using free platforms like AliExpress or Modalyst. They let you list and sell products without putting money upfront. You can also try free trials and focus on marketing without spending at first.

Is dropshipping legal?

A: Yes, dropshipping is legal. But, you must follow the laws of the places you sell to. Obey consumer protection, return, and refund laws.

What are the advantages of using AliExpress for dropshipping?

A: AliExpress has over 100 million products. It works well with Shopify and suits new sellers with its budget-friendly prices, including free plans.

How does Spocket differentiate itself from other dropshipping platforms?

Spocket focuses on fast shipping in the US and EU. It also lets merchants use their brand on invoices. This helps them stand out and offer quick service in these areas.

What are the core features of SaleHoo?

SaleHoo has a directory of 8,000+ suppliers and a research lab for insight. It’s great for veterans seeking unique products and supplier details.

Who should use Zendrop for their dropshipping business?

Zendrop is for those who want to add custom items to their store. It offers reliable US suppliers and quick shipping. It suits Shopify users, with options for personalized and subscription packaging.

What makes Modalyst a good choice for luxury brand dropshipping?

Modalyst has famous brand products for luxury buyers. It offers both local and international shipping. Plus, it has a program for merchants who want to sell high-end, branded goods.

Why should one consider Trendsi for niche-specific dropshipping?

Trendsi is perfect for unique store ideas. It hand-picks suppliers focused on specific products. This helps stores grow by offering specialized items.

What are the benefits of using Inventory Source for dropshipping?

Inventory Source stands out for its automation. It smoothly updates product info and stock. With many suppliers, it’s ideal for a mostly hands-off approach to dropshipping.

How does Printify support print-on-demand dropshipping businesses?

Printify has a big product range and many shipment sites. It lets you fully design products without limits on orders. This caters to those who value creative freedom and product variety.

What makes Wholesale Central suitable for US and Canada retailers?

Wholesale Central connects to many North American suppliers. It’s free to browse their catalogs and has affordable shipping. This is great for saving on delivery and finding many suppliers.

How does dropshipping compare to Amazon FBA?

Dropshipping needs less money upfront and less stock management. It’s good for starting out. Amazon FBA stores and ships your goods but needs you to buy and store products first. It also charges fees.

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