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Infinix Note 12 Pro : my review after use

Infinix Note 12 Pro - full review

01 Infinix Note 12 Pro : my review after use
Infinix Note 12 Pro : my review after use 4

This is the new infinix Note 12 2023 and yes this is not going to beat the iPhone 14 pro-Max or the Galaxy s22 Ultra but this is also just 199 dollars I don’t know how that’s possible how do they make any money so I’ve teamed up with infinix to give you a bit of a walkthrough.

infinix note 12 pro 4g review

now the first thing you’ll notice is this new design on the back it really does stand out with this contrasting glossy and matte finish and this big round camera module I have it in Tuscany blue but it also comes in Alpine white and Volcanic gray it’s just 7.8 millimeters thick it’s nice and lights the power button doubles as a fingerprint reader although

we do also get face unlocking as well as a headphone jack on the bottom and if I pop out the SIM card tray micro SD card support as well very nice now up front we have this big 6.7 inches full HD Plus AMOLED display great to see AMOLED one of the downsides well compromises

I guess that they’ve gone for to get this price though is that we are stuck with 60 hertz which isn’t ideal but I suppose when you consider I don’t know the iPhone 14 plus which costs over four times more still has a 60hz screen as well perhaps we can look past it we do get dual speakers nice and thin bezels around the screen plus this tiny selfie camera Notch at the top which altogether means that big screen

2 Infinix Note 12 Pro : my review after use

is infinix note 12 pro 5g good for gaming

it looks great for watching movies and playing games speaking of which inside the note 12 2023 we have the new MediaTek Helio g99 now to get a bit nerdy that is a six-nanometer chip versus the 12-nanometer g96 that we had on the previous note and is still used on a lot of value phones what that means is we’re getting more power and better efficiency .

actually we’re looking at about 12 and a half percent faster CPU a nine percent faster GPU and all while being 10 more power efficient that’s paired with 8 gigabytes of RAM and also the note 12 will support RAM boost with an update coming soon giving us a combined total of 13 gigs which means,

you can have up to 20 apps stored which you can then quickly jump back into plus we’ve also got 128 gigs of storage in here which of course you can expand with a Micro SD now firing up a bit of Asphalt 9

3 Infinix Note 12 Pro : my review after use

?How long does Infinix Note 12 Pro battery last

it does run with lower graphic settings compared to Super high-end Flagship phones, but it’s nice and smooth and it plays well, we also get infinix’s xuena which uses their darlink 2 engine to help optimize performance for gaming and also gives you some handy in-game tools now.

I mentioned the 60 hertz which is fine I guess for the price but one thing you can do if you’re happy to Tinker is jumped into the settings, the about page taps the build number seven times unlock the developer options,

and then reduce or in fact speed up the animation times that can make things feel just a little bit snappier now I’ve been carrying this with me for the best part of a week now and by the end of the day I have around 25 of my battery left which is actually very good.

uh given the screen size the combination of that power-efficient chip and the Big 5 000 million power battery means battery life is actually very good on Note 12 2023 with casual use a day and a half is certainly possible and I’m also impressed that given the price they also bundle a charger in the Box.

This is infinix’s 33-watt supercharger and will get you around 50 of the battery in half an hour although sadly there isn’t any wireless charging support now in the settings if you tap this on my phone.
the option you can see all the specs and the software for the note 12. and as you can see this runs Android 12. with infinix’s own xos 10.6 software on top if there are a handful of pre-installed apps that

Camera details and market price

I removed or hid away in folders but it’s smooth and we get some nice extra features, for example, you can swipe in and hold from the side to open a smart panel for some quick app and Tool shortcuts there are also Nifty extras like theft alert and Peak proof plus.

if you explore the special function and xos labs in the settings there are even more advanced features okay let’s talk about this camera and the headline is this main 50-megapixel F 1.6 camera although we do also get a 2-megapixel Dev sensor which helps to improve your portrait shots now.

of course, you do have to set expectations considering the price but I would say in good light it does a decent job actually there’s a good amount of detail colors are natural and I think for the price I honestly didn’t expect it to be this capable also there are about a billion different modes and options to have a play with within the camera app.

and then finally around the front, we have this 16-megapixel selfie camera so the infinix 12 2023 is a really interesting phone I would describe it as cheap and cheerful I mean really it’s 199 and I don’t quite know how they make any money charging that much for a phone like this we get this nice thin chassis it’s pretty lightweight I think it looks quite good as well big 6.7-inch screen.

it’s nice and quick thanks to that new g99 chip yes it does lack a few features we’re gonna get 5G the chip doesn’t support it there’s no wireless charging or official IP water resistance but things like dual speakers headphone jack micro SD and some pretty decent specs with that 8 gigs of RAM and 128 storage.
the infinix 12 2023 is definitely worth considering it’s certainly not perfect but for the price, you can’t really complain about the biggest downside for me.

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