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Social Media Influencer Tips for Memorial Day Sale

Imagine this: It’s Memorial Day weekend and Sarah, a well-known lifestyle influencer, is all set for a big celebration. She’s looking at the newest appliances, a comfy new mattress, and perhaps a new car. Just like 75% of Americans, Sarah is excited for Memorial Day. Her shopping dreams show she’s part of a big group1.

Memorial Day is a big chance for brands to connect with consumers like Sarah and boost their sales. This event kicks off summer for many, leading to fun, travel, and lots of shopping. Influencer marketing at this time can really help brands meet their audience and increase their sales2.

Influencer partnerships can bring great outcomes if done right. Just look at Ahmad Alzahabi’s work with LG. His post on air fryer recipes for Memorial Day got 31.23K likes and 499.83K views. It clearly shows the value of influencer content1.

Brands preparing for Memorial Day sales should think about working with social media influencers. Partnering with influencers whose followers are similar to their ideal customers can magnify their message. It helps spread brand awareness and increase the urge to buy3. Influencers tell stories with products that complement Memorial Day events, understanding what consumers like and spend on.

Key Takeaways

  • Memorial Day is a great time for brands to use influencer marketing to capture consumer spending.
  • 75% of Americans look forward to Memorial Day, with shopping on their list of plans.
  • Strategic influencer partnerships can lead to significant engagement and visibility for brands.
  • Choosing influencers whose followers match their target audience helps brands make the most of their Memorial Day campaigns.
  • Influencers’ genuine content can demonstrate how products improve Memorial Day celebrations and encourage buying.

Understanding Memorial Day Consumer Behavior

Memorial Day is more than a Monday off work. It’s a day to honor those who gave their lives for our country. Over the years, it’s also become a big shopping day. It’s the beginning of the summer season for many. So, it’s a chance for brands to really connect with people and boost their sales. To make the most of this, companies need to know what people like to do and buy.

Understanding Memorial Day Consumer Behavior
Social Media Influencer Tips for Memorial Day Sale

Did you know 75% of people in America will take part in Memorial Day activities? This shows how much people enjoy this day off. For businesses, it’s a perfect time to reach out to potential customers.

Popular Memorial Day Activities

What do people like to do on Memorial Day? The top choices are grilling and having cookouts. About 59% of them will be cooking outside14. Many will also go to or host parties. This includes 43% of the folks14. If you’re not grilling, you might be cooking or baking at home. Cooking is something 23% of people will be doing to celebrate14. This data is essential for businesses. It shows how they can match their products with what people do on Memorial Day.

Top Memorial Day Shopping Categories

What will people be buying the most? It’s food, at 83%14. After food, drinks are also key. Things like beer and wine are on 46% of shoppers’ lists14. You’ll also see people picking up non-alcoholic drinks, party supplies, and decorations. These items are the favorites of 35%, 16%, and 11% of buyers14. For companies in these industries, Memorial Day is a great chance to boost sales. They can do this by having good deals and by offering what people want.

Memorial Day Travel Trends

This Memorial Day, over 43.8 million Americans are planning to travel1. But, some are cutting back because of rising costs.5 says 27% will not travel, and 20% will go shorter distances. This means businesses need to be smart. They can appeal to both travelers and those staying home. By offering the right things, companies can get the attention of people on the move or relaxing nearby.

Consumer BehaviorPercentage
Plan to celebrate Memorial Day75%
Plan to purchase food83%
Plan to purchase alcoholic beverages46%
Plan to travel14%
Aim to save money during Memorial Day82%

Over 80% of Americans are trying to save money this Memorial Day1. This is a big hint for brands. They need to be more budget-friendly. How? Offering sales, deals, and bundles can attract these buyers. Also, 54% plan to buy discounted items, and 28% want to use coupons more. So, the key is making your prices more appealing.

To really succeed on Memorial Day, brands have to get into their consumers’ heads. They need to know what people love to do, buy, and where they go. Using this info, companies can create marketing that really speaks to people. This personal approach helps businesses make strong connections and boost their sales during Memorial Day.

Aligning Offerings with Consumer Preferences

To make the most of Memorial Day sales, brands need to match their products to what people want. Memorial Day is a big time for online sales, drawing in lots of customers wanting to buy things2. When businesses tailor their plans for each holiday, they do better at reaching their goal6.

Aligning Offerings with Consumer Preferences
Social Media Influencer Tips for Memorial Day Sale

Identifying Trending Product Categories

Places like TikTok Shop show us what items are really popular right now. A lot of people, about 50%, are swayed to eat at a place after seeing good reviews online7. Making special items for Memorial Day can make people feel they need to buy now, boosting sales2. Talking to people through surveys and social media helps know what they like and expect6.

Leveraging TikTok Shop Insights

By checking ads from April 13, 2024 to May 13, 2024, brands can see what’s trending on TikTok Shop. 30% of shoppers say social media affects what they buy, a study by PYMNTS found in November7. Offering special deals for Memorial Day motivates people to buy, increasing sales2. Good marketing, mixing digital and old-fashioned methods, is key to holiday success6.

Putting together special bundles or limited-time deals for Memorial Day makes customers feel they’re getting more value. This can boost how much they spend. Starting your ads early for holidays generates excitement and keeps it going until the big day arrives6. Figs, a brand for healthcare wear, lowered how much it cost to get new customers by 61%, reaching a $39 cost by using a special program with healthcare professionals7.

Influencer Marketing Strategies for Memorial Day

Influencer marketing works really well for brands at Memorial Day. This holiday kicks off the summer with big spending. When brands work with influencers who fit their customer base, they can spread their message wider. This helps grow the brand’s reach and recognition3.

Partnering with Relevant Influencers

For Memorial Day marketing to really hit, brands need influencers who connect well with their audience. 75% of Americans are getting ready to celebrate1. So, brands should choose influencers whose content mirrors popular Memorial Day activities. This includes things like grilling (59%), partying (43%), and cooking (23%)1. When influencers show how a brand’s products make these activities better, companies can win over their customers.

Creating Authentic and Compelling Content

Influencers have a special way to make content that feels real to their audience. With 83% wanting to buy food and 46% looking into drinks for Memorial Day1, this is a big deal. Influencers can naturally include brands’ products in their Memorial Day content. This way, they get their followers interested in buying these products too.

Brands can up their game with user-generated content (UGC) for Memorial Day, which boosts interaction3. Using UGC, they can create a community vibe around their products. This builds stronger brand loyalty and more sales.

Showcasing Products in Memorial Day Celebrations

Influencers get to show how to include brand products in Memorial Day fun. With over $1 billion spent on food and drinks at this time3, it’s a huge chance. Influencers can feature certain products, like high-end food at a backyard bash or cool drinks at a pool get-together.

Teaming up with influencers to make content that people really like can boost a brand’s visibility and sales. Through influencers, companies can reach their audience in a very personal way. This is key during the Memorial Day shopping season.

Brand Examples of Successful Memorial Day Influencer Campaigns

Memorial Day is here, and brands are teaming up with influencers. They hope to catch the high wave of spending this holiday brings. It’s shown that teaming up with influencers boosts the brand’s face and increases sales, especially on days like Memorial Day8. We’ll see how some brands nailed it with their influencer collaborations for Memorial Day.

LG’s Air Fryer Recipe Collaboration with Ahmad Alzahabi

LG joined forces with food guru Ahmad Alzahabi (@thegoldenbalance). They aimed to highlight their air fryer just in time for Memorial Day. Ahmad shared a delicious step-by-step for air-fried honey garlic wings. It perfectly hooked on the holiday excitement. The post smoothly blended LG’s air fryer with the must-see Memorial Day deals, drawing more people to check them out8.

Lowe’s DIY Partnership with Amber Vestal

Lowe’s worked with DIY expert Amber Vestal (@wifeonadime). Their goal was to showcase Lowe’s Memorial Day discounts. Amber created a project from Lowe’s materials only. It showed how anyone could better their outdoor spaces for Memorial Day fun and savings. This smart teamwork positioned Lowe’s as your go-to for all things Memorial Day.

Mattress Firm’s “Sleep-cation” Promotion with @fitdadceo

Mattress Firm and influencer @fitdadceo introduced a fresh idea for Memorial Day – a “sleep-cation.” @fitdadceo underlined the importance of a cozy bedroom for a mini retreat at home. He pitched Mattress Firm’s products as the ideal fix for a nice, spacious bed. This push tapped into the mood for kicking back and relaxing over the weekend. It successfully pushed Mattress Firm’s offers while offering followers something they loved.

BrandInfluencerCampaign Focus
LGAhmad Alzahabi (@thegoldenbalance)Air fryer recipe for Memorial Day
Lowe’sAmber Vestal (@wifeonadime)DIY project for Memorial Day celebrations
Mattress Firm@fitdadceo“Sleep-cation” promotion during Memorial Day Sale

These cases show how influencer collaborations can boost a brand’s presence and sales on Memorial Day. By working with the right influencers and creating content that connects with what people want and like, brands can really make the most of the holiday rush8. To get more tips on winning Memorial Day marketing campaigns, dig into our full guide.

Leveraging Influencers to Tap into Memorial Day Spending Habits

Memorial Day is near, making it the perfect time for brands to work with influencers. 82% of Americans want to save money during this holiday1. Influencers help by showing their followers Memorial Day deals and savings. This way, brands can more easily reach their target audience through these partnerships.

Influencer Marketing Strategies for Memorial Day
Influencer Marketing Strategies for Memorial Day

For many celebrating Memorial Day, food is a big focus. 63% plan to buy food items for the occasion1. Influencers get in on the action by offering meal prep advice. They share recipes using products from sponsoring brands. This approach not only adds value for their audience. It also subtly introduces the brand’s products for the celebrations.

Besides food, influencers also spark ideas for DIY decorations. About 11% of people look to buy decorations for Memorial Day1. Influencers demonstrate how to decorate on a budget using partner brand items. This helps followers create special celebrations without overspending. It also strengthens the bond between the brand and its audience.

Influencer partnerships have shown their impact on Memorial Day campaigns. Some recent successful examples include:

  • Ahmad Alzahabi’s ad for LG’s air fryer got 31.23K likes and was viewed 499.83K times1.
  • Amber Vestal’s work with Lowe’s got 18.03K likes, was viewed 573.52K times, and shared 4.56K times1.
  • @fitdadceo teaming up with Mattress Firm resulted in 12.15K likes and 168.88K views1.

To make the most of Memorial Day, brands are using influencers in various ways. They promote savings, provide cooking advice, and offer tips for do-it-yourself holiday decor. For more insights on enhancing your Memorial Day marketing, read this guide from Captiv8.

social media influencer; Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day is a top time for brands to connect with buyers through influencer marketing. 75% of Americans say they’ll mark the day1. Teaming up with influencers whose followers match your customers can boost your message. This move can grow your brand’s reach and how aware people are of it.

Influencers can make content that shows off your products for Memorial Day. This year, 59% will grill and 83% will buy food for the day1. So, they can show how your brand fits in and attracts those shopping or planning their Memorial Day.

Look at how well some past influencer Memorial Day campaigns did:

InfluencerCampaign TypeEngagement Rate
DIY & Affordable Home Decor SpecialistMemorial Day Sale Post11.53%
@fitdadceo“Sleep-cation” Collaboration with Mattress Retailer0.85%

Almost 44 million Americans plan to travel over the holiday1. This makes influencers a great way to reach a big group of people. They can make content that really connects with travelers. This way, they can help make your brand more known and encourage people to check it out.

The holiday is also a time when lots of folks look for deals. 82% want to save, and 54% will look for discounts as they shop1. Influencers can be key in talking up your Memorial Day sales. By working with them, you can catch people’s attention and get them excited about your brand’s deals.

28% of shoppers will look for coupons more often during Memorial Day sales1. You might think about giving influencers special codes to share. This can spur their followers to act fast and buy from you. It’s a smart move to get more people to notice and choose your brand.

Choosing the right influencer strategy for Memorial Day can really pay off. You might see more sales, get your brand out there more, and make real connections with your ideal customers.


In conclusion, Memorial Day marketing is a big chance for brands to make more sales. They can use influencer strategies. There are over 3.8 billion active social media users9. So, working with influencers now can improve a brand’s image and sell more9. Brands should know what their customers like. They should work with the right influencers. This way, they can reach more people and make the most of the Memorial Day buying spree.

Companies like LG, Lowe’s, and Mattress Firm have shown how well this works. Their Memorial Day campaigns with influencers were successful. They shared genuine content and did nice giveaways9. This made more people notice and follow them. Using social media strategies and teaming up with influencers can be a smart move. It can save brands both time and money on making new social media plans9.

On Memorial Day, many companies will be trying to win over buyers. Indeed, with the right influencer help and a good understanding of what customers want, brands can stand out. They can do this by making good use of social media and smart influencer partnerships. This way, they can connect well with their specific audience. They will be able to boost how well their brand is known. And they will do well in getting a good share of the Memorial Day shopping spree.


What are the most popular activities during Memorial Day?

The top activities are grilling or barbecuing for 59% of people. Hosting or going to a party is next (43%). Cooking and baking are also common (23%).

What are the top shopping categories for Memorial Day?

Food is the most bought item for Memorial Day (83% will buy). After that, people buy alcoholic drinks (46%). Non-alcoholic drinks come next (35%). Then it’s party supplies (16%) and decorations (11%).

How can brands identify trending product categories for Memorial Day?

Brands should look at places like TikTok Shop for trends. This can help them see what’s getting popular just before Memorial Day.

How can influencer marketing help brands during Memorial Day?

Influencer marketing lets brands team up with popular people online. This helps reach more of the right customers. The famous person usually makes content that talks about the brand in a way that feels real. This can help sales and making more people know the brand.

What are some examples of successful Memorial Day influencer campaigns?

LG worked with Ahmad Alzahabi to share air fryer recipes. Lowe’s teamed with Amber Vestal for DIY projects. Mattress Firm worked on a “sleep-cation” idea with @fitdadceo. These all did well as Memorial Day campaigns.

How can influencers tap into Memorial Day spending habits?

Influencers can give out special coupon codes to help with spending. They can also share cooking ideas and DIY tips for parties. This can make celebrations special without spending too much.

What are the benefits of leveraging social media influencers during Memorial Day?

Using influencers can really help brands during Memorial Day. It boosts sales by connecting with more people. It also raises awareness about the brand. The right partnership can make people want to buy from the brand.

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