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Easy C sharp with Windows Forms for Beginners to Pro

Easy C sharp with Windows Forms +70 Projects, Beginner to Pro is a C# programming language course published on Udemy Academy. This course is one of the most active and dynamic C Sharp courses on the Internet, and new content is added to it from time to time.

During this course, you will develop more than 70 different projects with instructor Musavi Abdullah and in a completely hands-on way. C# is one of the most popular and prominent languages in the field of developing Windows applications and there are many job opportunities for it.

What is the C sharp with Windows Forms programming language?

C# (pronounced “see sharp”) is a multi-paradigm programming language that is static-style, imperative, declarative, functional, object-oriented (OOP), generic, and object-oriented. object-oriented) (using classes) and subject to the principles of synthetic-oriented programming.

What is the C sharp with Windows Forms programming language?
What is C# sharp

This language was developed by Microsoft as part of its development work on .NET and its standard has been approved by the Ecma organization (standard Ecma-334) and the International Organization for Standardization (standard ISO/IEC 23270:2006). Nc Sharp is a programming language designed to run on the Common Programming Language Infrastructure (CLI). C Sharp is designed to be a simple, modern, general-purpose, and object-oriented language. Anders Heilsberg led its development team.

A comprehensive description of Easy C# with Windows Forms + 70 Projects

This translated training course, Easy C# with Windows Forms for Beginners to Pro, specialized in learning the C# programming language, provided by a professional trainer, Musavi Abdullah, with programming skills of more than 23 years. He will share with you through this training course presented in English, which we, the administrators of this blog, worked on moumentec.com to translate into Arabic.

To be more easy to understand and fully comprehend, following this course will make you sharper and you will learn at a good speed. With this course, you will be able to work on 70 practical projects to gain real experience to enter the labor market and start a professional and practical path to build your future as a beginner programmer to enter the most demanding labor market In our time.

If you want to find the best jobs in the field of programming and earn a lot of money, the C# programming language should be in your educational balance among other languages. Because the C# programming language is specialized in programming Windows programs and some other executive programs.

By choosing this course Easy C# with Windows Forms for Beginners to Pro and downloading it for free, you need to be patient, disciplined, devote yourself to it, and focus on trainer Musavi Abdullah to get more benefits and reach the required level.

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Easy C sharp with Windows Forms for Beginners to Pro » C sharp with Windows Forms,C# with Windows Forms

What you will learn in the Easy C# with Windows Forms + 70 Projects course from beginner to professional:

  1. Basic principles of the C# programming language
  2. Developed more than 70 practical projects in the C# programming language.
  3. Building Windows Applications Using C#
  4. Transfer data from Excel file to SQL server
  5. Working with LINQ in C#
  6. Understanding the concept of MultiThreading
  7. Work with a barcode reader
  8. Create SQL and MySQL databases for C#
  9. Working with Crystal Reports
  10. Working with Entity Framework
  11. Create notepad, phone book, and calculator applications
  12. Installing and configuring an SQL database and using it in C# applications
  13. Using the Windows Registry in C#
  14. Design and development of a GUI for C# applications
  15. Working with zip files in C#
  16. Building multilingual applications
  17. Methods for deploying C# applications
  18. The use of arrays in the C# programming language.
  19. Install the Postgres database management tool
  20. Create a report in C# with the free version of Stimulsoft
  21. Working with events and form controls in C#
Screenshot 2022 07 18 093422 » Easy C sharp with Windows Forms for Beginners to Pro

Details about the course Easy C# with Windows Forms + 70 Projects from Beginner to Professional

  • English language
  • Subtitle files: Srt in English and Arabic
  • Duration: 118 hours and 52 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 577 lessons
  • Full session size: 54.9 GB
  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Coach: Musavi Abdullah
  • File Format: mp4

Preview of the training course translated into Arabic

Requirements to start the course Easy C# with Windows Forms + 70 Projects from beginner to professional

  1. Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 Free Community Edition and some patience!

For fast and uninterrupted downloading: please use the Download Manager program Internet Download Manager.

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