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How to overcome the challenges of e-learning

If you are not used to online learning but are interested in all learning options, it is important that you consider the benefits and challenges associated with your decision about how to learn and reach your career goal.
As of the fall of 2019, there are more than 7.1 million students registered for at least one online course, followed by an increase of 411,000 in 2020.
33% of academic students are registered for at least one course.

Difficulty of Online Learning
#challenges of Online Learning

90% of academic leaders believe that there is a high probability that the majority of students with academic achievement will join at least one online course within a five-year period.

The percentage of academic institutions that offer online courses is only 5%, while 9.3% of these institutions indicate that they plan to do so.

These were a set of findings from a study conducted by a research team at Babson University in 2020.

The most common challenges

Feeling isolated

The comfort that results from a person joining any electronic course based on his interests and according to his free time, can be related to realizing that he does everything on his own, which may make him feel isolated.

If you feel this, know that you are not alone. When you register for any course, you will find many students who have the same doubts, challenges, and questions that you are trying to overcome.

Taking the initiative is a major factor in overcoming these updates by communicating not only with your teacher but also with your colleagues. Participate in All course activities and assignments, from discussion forums to presentations.

Technology use

Electronic courses require learning new types of equipment and technical programs for communication and communication during those courses, problem-solving skills develop with practice and over time.

Accept the fact that technology is a dynamic thing and you always have to learn new things, such as: how to update software, and new tools related to that. Technology is subject to problems and does not always work as expected. You can use a friend with experience in the field or any technical expert to teach you.

Difficulty of Online Learning
Rear view young college student paying attention listening her online teacher laptop home

Effective time management

Time management skills are very important to accomplish any task, and while electronic courses are characterized by the possibility of benefiting from them at any time and anywhere, this must be invested in finding a place for them within the daily schedule of the student.

Electronic courses have a fixed structure. In each course, there is a chart for all the details and deadlines for assignments, and this helps you to specify those days in your notes so that you can complete your work in advance, which enables you to successfully fulfill the requirements of the course.

Take the role of a student

E-learning is a popular option for adult students who work and raise families but are interested in pursuing their academic goals after a long absence from school.

Working with other students and the teacher is different from working with co-workers and officials.

Think of yourself as part of the learning team, which includes your teacher, classmates, and all support.[1]

Overcoming stereotypes

When a person goes through the experience of e-learning, he will face a lot of questions from his friends, family, and even co-workers about the nature of online learning, the possibility of benefiting from this learning in the future, and whether this learning improves the quality of his experience.

Be prepared to describe how and why you chose this experience, and what is the positive role of e-learning in developing your qualifications.

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The means of learning, its tools, and even its obstacles are varied, but these obstacles are gradually diminishing – although some of them take new forms – in the presence of technology and innovative minds driven by passion and will toward more science and innovation.

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