magine this: It’s Memorial Day weekend and Sarah, a well-known lifestyle influencer, is all set for a big celebration. She’s looking at the newest appliances, a comfy new mattress, and perhaps a new car. Just like 75% of Americans, Sarah is excited for Memorial Day. Her shopping dreams show she’s part of a big group

Key Takeaways

– Memorial Day is a great time for brands to use influencer marketing to capture consumer spending. – 75% of Americans look forward to Memorial Day, with shopping on their list of plans. – Strategic influencer partnerships can lead to significant engagement and visibility for brands. – Choosing influencers whose followers match their target audience helps brands make the most of their Memorial Day campaigns. – Influencers’ genuine content can demonstrate how products improve Memorial Day celebrations and encourage buying.

Memorial Day

What do people like to do on Memorial Day?


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Popular Memorial Day Activities

What do people like to do on Memorial Day? The top choices are grilling and having cookouts. About 59% of them will be cooking outside14. Many will also go to or host parties. This includes 43% of the folks