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Character Design MADE EASY \ Moho Anime Studio

Character Design MADE EASY with Moho & Anime Studio is a 2D animation and character animation course using Moho & Anime Studio software, built from the ground up for animators and other filmmakers.

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Comprehensive overview of the course Character Design MADE EASY with Moho & Anime Studio

This course has been designed specifically for aspiring animators or professional animators who would like to transition into this different program. Moho Pro is a powerful, professional-grade animation software that can do almost anything in the world of 2D animation.

Character design is very easy using Moho & Anime Studio and this course will help you a lot in designing characters and animations with Moho and Anime Studio published by Udemy Academy.

Anime Studio is a very useful software for those people who do not have the ability to draw by hand and do not have a special talent for designing characters and graphics. The tools and capabilities provided by this program will help you to easily transfer your mental ideas on paper and draw the character you want.

To design with this program, you do not need any elementary knowledge, experience, or superhuman design talent, and you can design your characters only with relative mastery of the program’s capabilities. The graphical interface of this software is quite easy to use and all people with any level of knowledge and skills can use its tools in some way.

Animation and character animation are some of the most important skills taught in this course, and you will assess these skills in the form of several free and open-source projects.

What you will learn in the course Character Design MADE EASY with Moho & Anime Studio

  • Design tools and techniques provided by Anime Studio Pro
  • Character design and animation
  • Turning initial and mental designs and ideas into a final project and anime
  • Use the tools available in the Style, Color, and Animate Characters panel
  • Layers panel, organize and arrange the different layers of the project
  • Basic and general principles of character design and animation
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Course Specifications Character Design MADE EASY with Moho & Anime Studio

  • Publisher: Yodemi
  • Coaches: Jeremy Alexander and McCoy Buck
  • English language
  • Translation: Arabic srt and English.
  • Education level: basic to advanced
  • Number of lessons: 43 lessons
  • Duration of training: 4 hours and 33 minutes
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Character Design Course Requirements MADE EASY with Moho & Anime Studio

  1. Anime Studio (Trial or Pro) Any version will work!
  2. No serious drawing skills are required!
  3. Pen and paper to draw on

Course download links Character Design MADE EASY with Moho & Anime Studio




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